February 21, 2014


February 21, 2014


February 21, 2014


March 15, 2014

New Schedule for 2014

The 2014 Schedule is up and ready for you to book your summer fun! Click here to see a downloadable pdf now!  
March 15, 2014

New Race Times in 2014

PLEASE NOTE NEW RACE TIMES FOR 2014 For all Saturday shows: Time Trials at 6:30pm & Racing at 7:30pm For all Friday Shows: Time Trials at 7pm, Racing at 8pm
March 17, 2014

Race Receivers Needed!

Attention all SLM, LM & 4 Bar SLMs, effective for the 2014 season it will be required for all of you to use a race receiver. These can be found anywhere you purchase your race car parts. Please feel free to contact Tiffany at 815-895-5454 if you have any questions.
April 4, 2014

SLM & LM Tires have arrived!

Our first shipment of Super Late & Late Model Tires have arrived.  Prices are as follows:  SLM $85 ea & LM $75 ea. On Saturday, April 5th from 10 am to Noon you can come and pick up tires as well there will be car pick up.  No need to schedule an appointment.
May 5, 2014

Amazing Changes for the 2014 Season

Sycamore Speedway has concluded the 2nd night of racing for the 2014 season and they have made some pretty amazing changes. Going forward the track has decided that their Super Late Models & Late Models will only be running the ½ mile track. “This has been something the drivers have been asking for as long as many of us can remember and with our full schedule we knew it would make for a smoother race experience for everyone,” said Manager, Tiffany Gerace. “This is a positive change for all and I know will make for better racing.” Sycamore Speedway welcomed […]
May 10, 2014

May 10th, 2014 Race Results

2014 Sycamore Speedway Race Results Date: 5/10/2014 Super Late Models Late Models # Name Town Time # Name Town Time Fast Time: 13 Jeff Kerley Elgin 16.332 Fast Time: 10 Jordan Jackowiak DeKalb 18.064 Trophy Dash: 28 Charlie Olson Kingston Trophy Dash: 10 Jordan Jackowiak DeKalb Heat 1: OO Cliff Garcia Waterman Heat 1: 50D John Dietrich Carol Stream Heat 2: 28 Charlie Olson Kingston Heat 2: 10 Jordan Jackowiak DeKalb Heat 3: N/A Heat 3: N/A Semi Feat: N/A Semi Feat: N/A Feature: Feature: 1st: 28 Charlie Olson Kingston 1st: O2 Matt McCain Aurora 2nd: O3 Dan White Villa […]
May 11, 2014

IRS Sprints visit Sycamore Speedway!

Finally decent weather hits Sycamore Speedway.  With it nearly 80 degrees all day and a warm 60 degrees our show was full of eager drivers, fans, and of coarse overwhelming entertainment. Tonight May 10th the IRS Sprints made the big debut.   Nearly 20 sprints raced a 20 lap feature on a track that is “smooth and the best they have seen in a while” states the IRS Sprints Official Announcer. The Super Late Model and Late Model Spring Shoot Out features were filled with door to door and bumper to bumper racing.  20 laps for the Super Late Models, […]
May 18, 2014

Race Results – May 17th.

2014 Sycamore Speedway Race Results Date: 5/17/2014 Super Late Models Late Models # Name Town Time # Name Town Time Fast Time: 28 Charlie Olson Kingston 16.532 Fast Time: 10 Jordan Jackowiak DeKalb 18.425 Trophy Dash: 13 Jeff Kerley Elgin Trophy Dash: 10 Jordan Jackowiak DeKalb Heat 1: 11 Roger Markham Maple Park Heat 1: 80 Steve Cornett LITH Heat 2: 13 Jeff Kerley Elgin Heat 2: 10 Jordan Jackowiak DeKalb Heat 3: N/A Heat 3: N/A Semi Feat: N/A Semi Feat: N/A Feature: Feature: 1st: 11 Roger Markham Maple Park 1st: 10 Jordan Jackowiak DeKalb 2nd: 13 Jeff Kerley […]
May 18, 2014

4-Bar and Lightning Sprint’s Big Debut! May 17th.

First 4-Bar and 1200cc Lightning Sprints Night. May 17th, 2014 With Mother Nature’s lovely tricks that she played on all of us, Sycamore Speedway staff pulled together to get the race surface ready. After countless worries and hours we were finallly given a break in the weather. Although cold we did not see any rain on Saturday. The lack of rain on Saturday did not have any affect on the action in all classes: Super Late Models, Late Models, Powder Puff, Compact Combat, Spectator, 4-Bars, and the 1200cc Lightning Sprints all filled the track with mud slinging action from 7:30pm […]
May 24, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend!

Memorial Day Weekend at Sycamore Speedway was nothing less than full of spills and thrills. The first Friday night of the 2014 race season set the standerd high. A full field of Spectators, Compact Combats, and Powder Puffs lit up the night for all fans. These boys and girls have been waiting pationaly for their night to shine, and shine they did! Moving to Saturday, with a visit from the IMRA Midget Lights the track was once again luminated with action and door to door racing. Firday night started off with fast qualifying and some of the most entertaing racing […]
June 2, 2014

51st. Anniversary Weekend!!! As we get the weekend’s activities rolling we would like to look back. It is hard to believe that 51 years ago the men and women did not finish all preparation until moments before the first green flag drop. If it was not for the dedication of the family, drivers, and fans we would never have made it this far. In honor of the years of racing we have decided to bring back some of the timeless favorites. One being a 50 Lap Spectator Feature on Friday night. Saturday night we saw a great field of cars […]
June 3, 2014

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June 8, 2014

Mini Vans Test Safety Ratings at Sycamore Speedway

June 6th and June 7th. Friday started off as any other night with a great field of cars and nice warm weather. Although no rollovers on friday we still had plenty of action. The track was fast for all classes. The one on one drags got a little heated, the figure 8 was a muddy mess with lots of hits, and the mini van demo was a great show. Three mini vans showed up to cause ultimate destruction, and they sure did. Car # 29 of Mike Brancecum swept the Spectator show, taking fast time, winning the dash and the […]