2024 Pure Stock Rulebook

As of 10-30-23 at 12:37PM HERE IS YOUR COMPLETE 2024 Pure Stock Rulebook. Please remember that any and all questions need to be sent to Tiffany via Sycamore Speedway Facebook Messenger or email at drivers.sycamorespeedway@gmail.com.

10-30-23 at 10pm, update….beadlocks allowed on right rear only.

02-22-24 at 11:13am, update…..clarifications on motor rules, oil pans, shocks

3-12-24 at 1:09pm, update was made to the tire rule. Specific height was listed for ride height

To Download a copy, please click on the file folder 📂 below. If you printed your copy off prior to the last date listed above you need to re-download.