How to Become a Racer at Sycamore Speedway


  • Contact Us here to register a car number. Please complete all fields, any item left blank will result in non-registration.
  • Once you get confirmation from us that your number is registered please follow the instructions outlined in the confirmation email.
  • Bring any completed registration packet to the pit shack on the first night you are racing and tell the staff that you are a current year driver. This is regardless if you have a racecar with you or not.
  • Download and read in its entirety the rulebook for the class(es) you will be racing in. Rulebooks can be found at under ‘Drivers’.
  • Prep your car according to the rulebook
    • Bring car to track
    • Go thru tech inspection at the scale
    • Attend driver’s meeting
    • Qualify
    • Let’s Go Racing!