COVID-19 Update as of May 15, 2020

Dear Drivers, Fans & Staff,
I feel it is time for me to provide you with an update. This will probably be lengthy, kind of like my Driver’s Meetings! 🤣 I am sharing this information to keep everyone in the loop. Negative comments or posts in regards to this will be deleted. I know that from a driver and fan standpoint it may seem simple to just open up but there is so much for us to factor in. Please remember we want to make sure that we can provide an environment where people feel safe. This virus has a great survival right for most, but it definitely has some deadly components to it and we must proceed with caution. It is frustrating though because of the unknown. The unknown of our future financing, the unknown of this virus, the unknown of what the Governor will announce, the unknown if these various lawsuits will prevail and what that will mean for us. We are trying to stay positive, some days are easier than others for sure. I never thought my day would be filled with endless phone calls and research about a virus and about options to stay open. We have joined various groups that are in similar situations like ours to help with this. We have also been brainstorming unique ways to keep the Speedway a part of your summer fun. As of today, we will not be hosting any other events in May. Stayed tuned for events for June. We will be posting those via social media and our website.

1. Sycamore Speedway is in Kane Co.
2. As of right now, we need to be in Phase 5 to open, and even then we do not know what opening will be like.
3. Yes Kane Co Sheriff noted if any business opens his team will not pursue as there is no criminal wrong doing, but there are other things that could be jeopardized if we did open. Those items would make it worse for us in the long run, even leading to possibly never being able to open. We are working with local authorities to make sure we are all set to open when we can.
4. Track Rental is not an option at this time. It financially does not make sense for us to do this. I would need over 60 drivers to be willing to pay $1000 ea, if we could get this then we would be willing to set this up.
5. Good news, Kane Co. is set to move to Phase 3, it is not clear if that move is effective today or if it will be on May 29th.
6. Our schedule has been cleared until we know more of our options. That means no practice nor races at this time and until further notice.
7. Kane Co has an awesome daily email newsletter. It is free to join and its called Kane County Connects. Google it and Sign up. I will be attaching today’s to this post.
8. Pay per view options are being looked into, but this is not the end all answer to social distancing.

I know this may not be what everyone wants to hear but it is where we stand. There are still so many variables and I won’t make promises I cannot keep. The promise I do leave you with is that we are working hard to get back to racing.

Tiffany Olson…