Sycamore Speedway Officially Sponsors NASCAR Truck!

Read this great article below about John Provenzano, whose NASCAR truck the Sycamore Speedway is sponsoring!


Li’l John’s big break: Former Santa Fe champion Li’l John Provenzano ready for first NASCAR Truck Series challenge

by Tony Baranek Chicago Tribune, Daily Southtown

There isn’t a dirt track in Chicagoland over the past 40 years that John Provenzano hasn’t conquered.

He won five late-model titles at LaSalle Speedway, two at Sycamore Speedway and one each at Santa Fe Speedway, Fairbury American Legion Speedway and Kankakee Speedway.

Provenzano was known in the racing community as “Li’l John.” Now he has a new nickname.

“People call me ‘Alien’ because at 63 they can’t believe I’m still racing and still being competitive,” Provenzano said with a laugh.