Sycamore Speedway’s Fan Spotlight

Welcome to Sycamore Speedway’s Fan Spotlight! This has been an idea we have been throwing around for a little while now and on Saturday, June 1st, 2019 we spotted the perfect image and knew we needed to launch this idea.
After a 10 minute downpour, which we were not planning on, track officials were walking in front of the grandstands and come across 2 little boys playing in the wet clay with their race cars. It made us stop in our tracks and it was this sight that made it all clear as to why we do what we do and why we push to put on the best show possible. At the time we didn’t know who these little boys were or what brought them to Sycamore Speedway, but very quickly we came to learn that they were 3rd generation of a racing family. In our first fan spotlight we would like to introduce David Dulceak, Age 3, and current Powerwheel Demo enthusiast, prepping to follow in his Dad’s and Grandpa’s racing footsteps. His Dad, Dave Dulceak of Elburn is a current Street Stock racer at Sycamore Speedway, but has a racing history as being a Dirt Late Model, a Modified, and Street Stock racer over several years. Maybe this brought the extra push Dave needed to hold off a full field of cars and multiple caution flags to take the win on Saturday. Whether he lands in victory lane or not, his son is there every weekend loving what his dad is doing. And we have all the confidence that as soon as young David is able to race on the big oval he will.