What to Expect on Friday Nights!

Friday, July 12th, 2019 – Spectator Demo
July 12, 2019
What to Expect on Saturday Nights!
July 13, 2019

Friday Nights Feature…….

* Powder Puff Division – our Ladies only division running v8 cars.
* Compact Combat Division – 4-cylinder cars.
* Socker Stocker Division – v6 cars.
* Spectator Division – v8 cars.

A typical order of a Friday Race Night is as follows:

6pm Pit & General Admission Gates Open

7:15pm Qualifying begins, we qualify according to the division of cars starting with Powder Puff, Compact
Combat, Socker Stocker & finish with Spectator. (this typically takes about 45 mins)

Hot Lap Session for our Saturday Drivers, you could see drivers from our Super Late Models, Street Stocks,

Pure Stocks or Dirt Late Models practice during this time.

National Anthem & Opening Ceremonies
Gentlecars Lets Go Racing!
Powder Puff Trophy Dash – 6 Laps
Compact Combat Trophy Dash – 6 Laps
Socker Stocker Trophy Dash – 6 Laps
Spectator Trophy Dash – 6 Laps

Powder Puff Heats – 6 Laps for each Heat Race (typically 1 to 2 races)
Compact Heats – 6 Laps for each Heat Race (typically 2 to 3 races)
Socker Stocker Heats – 6 Laps for each Heat Race (typically 2 to 3 races)

Spectator 25 Lap Feature

Spectator 15 Lap Feature (this is only ran if the Spectator Division has more than 35 cars for the night)

Powder Puff Feature – 10 Laps

Compact Combat Features – 10 Laps for each Feature (typically 1 to 2 races)
Socker Stocker Features – 10 Laps for each Feature (typically 1 to 2 races)

Spectator 6 Lap Trophy Feature

Figure 8

1 on 1 Drags – this is where you can bring your street car on the track to race. It is single elimination.

Demolition Derby

Please keep in mind that this could all vary depending on car counts & pending weather.
We do our best to bring you the best show week after week but some times changes are a necessity.

~Thank you, Sycamore Speedway Management