Friday Season Opener – July 24, 2020

If you see Not Registered in the name field that means that you have not registered that number with us and need to do so.  Refer to the first page of the rulebooks for details on how to register.  Please and thank you ~Tiffany

2020 Sycamore Speedway Friday Results
Date: 24-Jul-20  
Powder Puff
# Name Town Time
Fast Time: 10s Starr Roach Genoa 19.680
Trophy Dash:
Heat 1: 74x Not Registered
1st: 10s Starr Roach Genoa
2nd: 74x Not Registered
3rd: 16 Maggie Struthers DeKalb
4th: 23 Morgan Sebring Marengo
5th: 37 Olivia Broccardo Aurora
# Name Town Time
With the new lineup Compacts were on rotation to Draw for their positions tonight.
Trophy Dash: 17 Jacob Reiter DeKalb
25 Lap Feat:
1st: 2 Jacob Kraft Aurora
2nd: O Rick Zifko Aurora
3rd: 11x Mike Cunz Cortland
4th: 99x Logan Johnson St. Charles
5th: O2 Jacob Klingel Aurora
6 Lap Feat: 86it Alex Adams Sycamore
Socker Stocker
# Name Town Time
Fast Time: 38 Anthony Kasper Sycamore 17.650
Trophy Dash: 32 Jeff Allendorf Belvidere
Heat 1: 32 Jeff Allendorf Belvidere
Heat 2: 20c Jason Middleton Aurora
Heat 3: 56x Kevin VanKeure Belvidere
Feature 1:
1st: 32 Jeff Allendorf Belvidere
2nd: 38 Anthony Kasper Sycamore
3rd: 96x Jimmy Hartman Chicago
4th: 53t Matt Schuch St. Charles
5th: 83 Michael Kasper Algonquin
Feature 2:
1st: 22t Travis Medernach Huntley
2nd: 30x Brandon Adams Hampshire
3rd: 45 Not Registered
Feature 3:
1st: 86 Not Registered
2nd: 2 Not Registered
3rd: 85b Brandon Schnupp Kingston
# Name Town Time
Fast Time: 25 Luke Robbins Winfield 17.980
Trophy Dash: 55x Mike Lofgren Glen Ellyn
Heat 1: 66j Joe Jackson Jr. Sycamore
Heat 2: 2t Bob Valaski W. Chicago
Heat 3: 11x Mike McMurray Kirkland
Heat 4: 27 Not Registered
Feature 1:
1st: 66j Joe Jackson Jr. Sycamore
2nd: 22c Chris Vanlue Round Lake
3rd: 18 Not Registered
4th: 26x Dan Robbins Winfield
5th: 99 Matt Williams Loves Park
Feature 2:
1st: 70x Zack Innocenti Elburn
2nd: 2t Robert Valaski W. Chicago
3rd: 18c Lloyd Kozak Huntley
Feature 3:
1st: 23 David Chewning Marengo
2nd: 53 Not Registered
3rd: 27c Sam Robbins Winfield
Feature 4:
1st: 83h Ryan Szafran Homer Glen
2nd: 1 Curtis Catencamp DeKalb
3rd: 51 Dominick Panpoulos Countryside
Specialty Races
# Name Town
Figure 8: Compact
1st: 2 Jacob Kraft Aurora
2nd: 85B Brandon Schnupp Kingston
3rd: 2j Steve Kraft Aurora
Demo Compact
1st: 922 Eddie Brown Jr. Sandwich
2nd: 13x Jon Fritz Belvidere
3rd: 92 Eddie Brown Sandwich