Q:  What are your COVID-19 procedures?

A:  Sycamore Speedway is now open!  With us opening, we would like to go over our COVID-19 guidelines with you! The speedway can be busy, so please help us keep it safe for all of our customers and staff!

  • Due to the Governor’s New Emergency Ruling, Face Coverings are mandatory at Sycamore Speedway when social distancing cannot be maintained.  As we have stated before, social distancing is never guaranteed anywhere, so it was for this reason we ask that you come prepared.
  • To help with the popularity and attendance of the Speedway, please be sure to distance yourselves appropriately. 6 foot spacing is the current  recommendation from the CDC. Try not to crowd in common areas.
  • We have marked off several bleachers with yellow paint, these are meant for non-seating.  This is to keep groups of people less than 50 in our bleachers.
  • We have implemented online tickets sales for your convenience.  Tickets are also available to purchase at the gate on the day of the event.  If you purchase a ticket online, your order confirmation/receipt is your ticket and you will need that plus an ID to redeem at the Will Call Window.
  • All serving staff will be required to wear masks when interacting with the customers.
  • Tables and frequently touched surfaces will be wiped down regularly, and such surfaces have been treated with  disinfectant.
  • Sanitizer stations are available.
  • Please DO NOT visit if you are not feeling well, or are showing any symptoms of being ill, or have experienced or been around anyone who has been ill within the last 14 days.

With your help, we can make this race season safe but if after reviewing our procedures you don’t feel this is the best environment for you, we respect your choice and look forward to seeing you in 2021 when things will be more normal! We cannot wait to see you at the Races!

Q:  Do you accept credit cards?

A:  Credit cards are only accepted in our souvenir stand and pit shack. Credit card fees may apply.  We do have an ATM on site for ease of cash withdrawal. Atm is located just inside the main entrance of the speedway. All food, ticket, and beer stands accept cash only.

Q:  What are your hours?

A:  This is a tricky question and can have a very long answer. To be as simple as possible, during the week we are not open to the public. On Friday race nights we open at 6pm. On Saturday race nights we open the pits at 4pm and General admission gates at 6pm. And Sundays are reserved for our personal families.

Q:  Why don’t I see Late Models, 4 Bars or Mod Compacts on the schedule?

A:  They are still racing with us but we have decided to change the name of the classes to better fit the industry standard.  Sycamore Speedway’s Late Model class is now called Street Stocks; the 4 Bars are called Dirt Late Models, all bringing you the same quality racing entertainment as always. The Mod Compacts/Hornets have been cancelled from the program.

Q: What time does everything start?

A: For the 2021 Race Season; Qualifying starts at 6:30pm and races will follow Qualifying. There are a few events that will have a different time, please reference the event details for those details.  Something to note, our events calendar shows a start time, this time reflects when our pit gate opens.  This is significantly earlier than the race start time as drivers, staff, and crews have work to complete behind the scenes.  You are welcome to arrive this early but want you to be aware that it could be a couple hours before you would see any racecars on the actual race surface if you show up that early.

Q: Can I bring my own food and drink into the Speedway?

A: Sycamore Speedway does not allow outside food or drink. We offer full concessions. In our concession stands you can purchase a wide variety of food and drink.

Q: Why would the races get cancelled?

A: There are several reasons that we may not be able to race at all or not complete a night of events once started.

  1. We are a clay race track and too much water may make the race surface unsafe for our drivers.
  2. It is raining out and we are a complete outdoor event.
  3. It can take time for the track to dry out and sometime what feels like a little sprinkle is enough to ruin a clay race track.

Q: How would I know if the races have been cancelled?

A: We try to get the word out as best as we can. There are several options for your convenience:

  1. Our website home page
  2. Our weather line 815-895-5800.
  3. Download our new Smart Phone App – search SycamoreSpeedway in the app store or Google Play.
  4. Our Facebook page
  5. Our Instagram page
  6. Our Twitter page
  7. Join our mailing list for email blasts.

Q:  What is the official rain out policy once races have started?

A: In the chance of sudden showers, the track starter will temporarily suspend the races; however, every effort will be made to complete the races after the rain stops. If, in the opinion of Speedway Officials, the bad weather will prevent the return of a safe racing condition in a reasonable amount of time, the remaining races will be cancelled or postponed as follows:

  • The program will be considered complete (no rain checks) if 4 or more events, not including time trials, have been run.
  • If a special event was rained out, the special event may be added to the next weeks race show.
  • In the event of rain, or any circumstances beyond the control of the Speedway Officials, the race may be declared complete or continued at the discretion of the officials in charge.
  • If the program is not considered complete (see no. 1) your ticket stub or pit pass wristband will serve as a rain check for another race held within the next 2 race nights unless otherwise stated by Sycamore Speedway Management.

Q: Is camping allowed?

A: You are more than welcome to camp overnight but there are NO hookups.

Q: Can I pre-purchase my tickets and reserve my seats?

A: No, we do not offer advanced ticket sales nor reserved seating. Our seating is bleacher style and there is no assignment to them. All tickets are purchase at the gate on the evening of the event.

Q: Do you offer group discounts?

A: Yes we do for groups of 20 or more. If you would like more information please contact us via our website or via phone at (815)895-5454

Q: Will my young child enjoy the speedway?

A: Racing is a sport for all ages. Some may find that it is a little noisy and dusty, feel free to bring appropriate attire for this. If you happen to not have any or forget we sell these type of items in our full souvenir stand.

Q: Can children go into the pits?

A: You must be 14 years old to have a full access pit pass. Fast passes are available for children ages 5-13 and grants access to the outer grass pit area and grandstands.
For every child under the age of 17 must have a minor release on file if they are going into any part of the pits. This form can be downloaded from our website or found at the pit shack on race nights.

Q: What is the typical schedule for a Friday Race Night?

A: Friday Nights Feature…….
* Powder Puff Division – our Ladies only division running v8 cars.
* Compact Combat Division – 4-cylinder cars.
* Socker Stocker Division – v6 cars.
* Spectator Division – v8 cars.
A typical order of a Friday Race Night is as follows:
6pm Pit & General Admission Gates Open
7:15pm Qualifying begins, we qualify according to the division of cars starting with Powder Puff, Compact Combat, Socker Stocker & finish with Spectator. (this typically takes about 45 mins)
Hot Lap Session for our Saturday Drivers, you could see drivers from our Super Late Models, Street Stocks, Pure Stocks or Dirt Late Models practice during this time.
National Anthem & Opening Ceremonies
Gentlecars Lets Go Racing!
Powder Puff Trophy Dash – 6 Laps
Compact Combat Trophy Dash – 6 Laps
Socker Stocker Trophy Dash – 6 Laps
Spectator Trophy Dash – 6 Laps
Powder Puff Heats – 6 Laps for each Heat Race (typically 1 to 2 races)
Compact Heats – 6 Laps for each Heat Race (typically 2 to 3 races)
Socker Stocker Heats – 6 Laps for each Heat Race (typically 2 to 3 races)
25 Lap Feature
15 Lap Feature (this is only ran if the division has more than 35 cars for the night)
Powder Puff Feature – 10 Laps
Compact Combat Features – 10 Laps for each Feature (typically 1 to 2 races)
Socker Stocker Features – 10 Laps for each Feature (typically 1 to 2 races)
6 Lap Trophy Feature
Figure 8
1 on 1 Drags – this is where you can bring your street car on the track to race. It is single elimination.
Demolition Derby
Please keep in mind that this could all vary depending on car counts & pending weather. We do our best to bring you the best show week after week but some times changes are a necessity.
~Thank you, Sycamore Speedway Management

Q: What does a typical Saturday Race Night feature?

A: Saturday Nights Feature…….
~ Super Late Models – 3 link suspension fabricated racecar
~ Street Stocks
~ Pure Stocks
~ Dirt Late Models – fully fabricated UMP Style Late Model or Badger Midgets – *these divisions are not here on the same nights but you will see either or on any Saturday night show.
A typical order of a Saturday Race Night is as follows:
4pm Pit Gates Open
6pm General Admission Gates Open
6:30pm Qualifying begins with Super Late Models, Street Stocks, Pure Stocks, and then Dirt Late Models or Badger Midgets
National Anthem & Opening Ceremonies
Lets Go Racing!
Super Late Model Dash for Cash – 6 Laps
Pure Stock Dash for Cash – 6 Laps
Street Stock Dash for Cash– 6 Laps
Dirt Late Model Heats – 8 Laps for each Heat Race (typically 2 races)*
Super Late Model Heats – 8 Laps for each Heat Race (typically 2 races)
Badger Midget Heats – 8 Laps for each Heat Race (typically 2 to 4 races)*
Pure Stock Heats – 6 to 8 Laps for each Heat Race (typically 2 races)
Street Stock Heats – 8 Laps for each Heat Race (typically 2 races)
Intermission – to include some time for track prep and possibly some other added fun!
Super Late Model Feature – 25 laps unless stated otherwise on the 2020 Race Schedule
Pure Stock Feature – 10 to 15 Laps
Street Stock Feature – at least 20 laps or half of the Super Late Model Feature Laps
Dirt Late Model Feature– 30 laps unless stated otherwise on the 2020 Race Schedule
Badger Midget Feature – 25 laps unless otherwise stated on the 2020 Race Schedule
Please keep in mind that this could all vary depending on car counts & pending weather. We do our best to bring you the best show week after week but some times changes are a necessity. All races also offer advertising or sponsorship opportunities. Please contact Tiffany at sycamorespeedway@gmail.com for more details.
~Thank you, Sycamore Speedway Management