4-Bar Season Opener 5-14-16

53rd Season Opener/Spring Shootout 5-7-16
May 8, 2016
The weather may have been cold, but the racing was NOT 5-14-16
May 15, 2016
2016 Sycamore Speedway Race Results
Date: 5/14/2019
Super Late Model Late Model
# Name Town Time # Name Town Time
Fast Time: 15 Jay Brendle Kirkland 16.662 Fast Time: 30 Derek Walker Genoa 18.821
Trophy Dash: 51 Rowdy Burns Leland Trophy Dash: 70 DJ Markham Genoa
Heat 1: 13M Kevin Merwin Elgin Heat 1: 42 Mario Stella Hampshire
Heat 2: 17 Dale Markham Maple Park Heat 2: 70 DJ Markham Genoa
Main Feature: Main Feature:
1st: 15 Jay Brendle Kirkland 1st: O2 Matt McCain Auoroa
2nd: 51 Rowdy Burns Leland 2nd: 54 Cory McKay St. Charles
3rd: O1 Greg Cantrell Jr DeKalb 3rd: 70 DJ Markham Genoa
4th: O3 Dan White 4th: 59 Joe Sadoski Marengo
5th: 17 Dale Markham Maple Park 5th: 71 Austin Runge Lake Zurich
6th: 22 Jeremy Spoonmore Leland 6th: 30 Derek Walker Genoa
7th: 13M Kevin Merwin Elgin 7th: 42 Mario Stella Hampshire
8th: 7 Jeff Shultz Carol Stream 8th: 73J Linda Sparks Belvidere
9th: O7 9th: 16 Jeff Busche Belvidere
10th: 80 Steve Corrnett LITH
Pure Stock Modified Compact
# Name Town Time # Name Town Time
Fast Time: 43C Stacy Doris Genoa 21.261 Fast Time: 63 Joe Labombarbe Aurora 19.321
Trophy Dash: 54 Austin Stombres St.Charles
Heat 1: 69 Ray Hardesty McHenry Heat 1: 56C Scott Vetter Union
Heat 2: 26 Nick Schneider Rockton Heat 2: 11X Mike Cunz Cortland
Main Feature: Main Feature:
1st: 21 Kevin Memoli Geneva 1st: 11X Mike Cunz Cortland
2nd: 26 Nick Schneider Rockton 2nd: 48 Mike Gossett Montgomery
3rd: 30 John Chmelik Algonquin 3rd: 63 Joe Labombarbe Aurora
4th: 28B Smokey Boyd Elgin 4th: 30 Peter Hayes Villa Park
5th: 43C Stacy Doris Genoa 5th: 56C Scott Vetter Union
6th: 12 6th: 90 Scott Gagen
7th: 81 7th: 31 Zack Orts Oswego
8th: 5 Dave Lautwein Oswego
9th: 775 Don Slover Marseilles
10th: 21 Corey Marshall St. Charles
4-Bar Super Late Models
# Name Town Time # Name Town Time
Fast Time: 25 Jay Brendle Kirkland 14.348 Fast Time:
Heat 1: 10S Taylor Scheffler Waukesha, WI Heat 1:
Heat 2: 58 Little John Provenzano Heat 2:
Main Feature: Main Feature:
1st: 1M Mike Mataragas 1st:
2nd: 10S Taylor Scheffler 2nd:
3rd: 58 Little John Provenzano 3rd:
4th: 21 TJ Markham 4th:
5th: 65 Toby Kuntzleman 5th:
6th: 28 Charlie Olson 6th:
7th: 15 Ed Williams Sr 7th:
8th: 12C Chris Carlson 8th:
9th: 25 Jay Brendle 9th:
10th: 11 Roger Markham 10th: