Friday Season Finale – September 7, 2018

2018 Sycamore Speedway Saturday Night Results
Date: 09-07-18 Final Point Night

Congrats to all of our drivers for a great 2018 season. Champions, you all should be proud of the season you ran. Your dedication and hard work has paid off! Congrats to you! ~Tiffany

Powder Puff
# Name Town Time
Fast Time: 9c Mallory Jackson St. Charles 18.340
Trophy Dash: 18c Stacey Lynne Lee
Fast Heat 1: 18c Stacey Lynne Lee
1st: 77x Linda Sparks Belvidere
2nd: 63 Samantha Lederman Warrenville
3rd: 9c Mallory Jackson St. Charles
4th: 18c Stacey Lynne Lee
5th: 21k Paige Ricker Kingston
# Name Town Time
Fast Time: 11x Mike Cunz Cortland 17.300
Trophy Dash: 56c Scott Vetter Union
Fast Heat 1: 11x Mike Cunz Cortland
Heat 2: 5x Joe Fuller Woodstock
Feature 1st: 11x Mike Cunz Cortland
2nd: 56c Scott Vetter Union
3rd: DQ
4th: 19 Brian Mrazek Rolling Meadows
5th: 54 Art Ludwig So. Aurora
Feature 1st: 18c Lloyd Kozak Huntley
2nd: 24x Zach Korper Sycamore
3rd: 46x Aaron Pearsall-Brandon LITH

Socker Stocker
# Name Town Time
Fast Time: 76 Chad Askeland Sycamore 17.460
Trophy Dash: 32 Jeff Allendorf Belvidere
Fast Heat 1: 85 Andrew Askeland Sycamore
Heat 2: 78j Jason Cheek Aurora
Feature 1:
1st: 85 Andrew Askeland Sycamore
2nd: 76 Chad Askeland Sycamore
3rd: 38 Anthony Kasper Algonquin
4th: 127
5th: 32 Jeff Allendorf Belvidere
Feature 2:
1st: 78j Jason Cheek Aurora
2nd: 46x Aaron Pearsall-Brandon LITH
3rd: 13x Jon Fritz Kingston

# Name Town Time
Fast Time: 56c Scott Vetter Union 17.450
Trophy Dash: 22c Chris Vanlue Addison
25 Lap Feat:
1st: 55x Mike Lofgren Naperville
2nd: 18c Lloyd Kozak Huntley
3rd: 42x Anthony Stella Hampshire
4th: 22c Chris Vanlue Addison
5th: 21 Brandon Lefebvre Hoffman Estates
6 Lap Feat: 42x Anthony Stella Hampshire

Specialty Races
Figure 8: Compact
1st: 21j Josh Werkmeister Rochelle
2nd: 52 Jason Strackany Elgin
3rd: 13x Jon Fritz Kingston
Demo: Compact
1st: 92 Eddie Brown Sandwich
2nd: 88x Steve Owens Montgomery
3rd: 117x Adrian Roscelli DeKalb
Figure 8: Socker Stocker/Spectator
1st: 157 Robert Stolz Rockford
2nd: 53t Matt Schuch St. Charles
3rd: 13x Jon Fritz Kingston
Demo: Socker Stocker
1st: 45 Shaun Hoffstrom Poplar Grove
2nd: 81
3rd: 92 Eddie Brown Sandwich
Demo: Spectator
1st: 72x Brandon Ricker Kingston
2nd: O Dan Anderson Kirkland
3rd: 74x Chris Ricker Kingston