Friday Night Action June 10th

Saturday Night Racing with IRS Midgets June 4th
June 5, 2016
Joe and Nick Fabrizius Memorial June 11th 2016
June 12, 2016
Sycamore Speedway Friday Results 10-Jun-16
# Name Town Time
Fast Time: 92j Mallory Jackson St Charles 19.340
Trophy Dash: 95x Ryan Decker Palatine
25 Lap Feature:
1st: 77 Steve Andres So Elgin
2nd: 24 Kris Kiefer Lisle
3rd: 18
4th: 95x Ryan Decker Palatine
5th: 66xx Megan Decker Palatine
15 Lap Feature: 11x Mike McMurray Kirkland
Feat A Winner: 26x Tim Robbins
Powder Puff
# Name Town Time
Fast Time: 29 Cortney Brancecum Belvidere 20.710
Trophy Dash: 10 Mickee Runge Lake Zurich
Heat 1: 93 Becca Vodraska Hampshire
1st: 34c Starr Roach Kingston
2nd: 10 Mickee Runge Lake Zurich
3rd: 18 Cara Osar So. Elgin
4th: 93 Becca Vodraska Hampshire
5th: 29 Cortney Brancecum Belvidere
Socker Stocker
# Name Town Time
Fast Time: 53t Matt Schuch St. Charles 20.300
Trophy Dash: 95x Ryan Decker Palatine
Heat 1: 47
Heat 2: 83 Thomas Andres Rockford
Feature 1:
1st: 117x Adrian Rocelli Sycamore
2nd: 76 Chad Askeland Sycamore
3rd: 47
4th: 19 Brian Mzarek Rolling Meadows
5th: 26 Trevor Robinson Hampshire
Feature 2:
1st: 64 Tyler Sebby Sandwich
2nd: 38 Antony Kaster Algonquin
3rd: 15 Tom Harrolle Rockford
# Name Town Time
Fast Time: 117x Adrian Rocelli Sycamore 20.500
Trophy Dash: 55 Cody Townsend Elburn
Heat 1: 54 Austin Stombress St. Charles
Heat 2: 88 Mike Murray Montgomery
Feature 1:
1st: 24 Jeff Hooker Cortland
2nd: 55 Cody Townsend Elburn
3rd: 65 Andrew Olson Crystal Lake
4th: 54c
5th: 117x Adrian Rocelli Sycamore
Feature 2:
1st: 88 Mike Murray Montgomery
2nd: 86it
3rd: 32 Andy Bertalot Cortland
Specialty Races
1 on 1 Drags:
Figure 8: Full
1st: 26x Don Robbins
2nd: 27t Dave Snead
3rd: 28x Michael Sorenson Huntley
Demo Full
1st: 78t Joe Jackson St. Charles
2nd: 2 Steve Elza Bolingbrook
3rd: 11x Mike McMurray Kirkland