The Loop, 97.9fm Jams out at Sycamore Speedway

Chicago’s Hit Rock Station Jams out at Sycamore Speedway
This past weekend the LOOP, 97.9fm, jamed out on August 16th. Friday the 15th, the track had another full field of cars. In the Spectator Division Brancecum (29) brought in fast time, then broke in the 25 lap feature. Joe Jackson (66j) won the Dash. The features were won by; Danny Laforte (32), Jem Ehle (3), and Dan Robbins (26x). The Compact Combat division is still lead by Scott Vetter (56c). The Features were won by the fast Justin Colley (33) and Josh McCoy (73). Points in the Powder Puff continue to be exciting. Mickee Runge (10) was victorious in the Dash and Feature, which allowed her to pass Linda Sparks (73J). The Ladies of Racing will be the talk of the year. Points will be their priority as the season comes towards it’s end. Ofcoarse Sycamore Speedway hosted the infamous One on One Drags and a full action packed Compact Size DEMOLITION DERBY. The derby this past weekend started nearly 7 cas and they eah battled it out to the end. As the demo drivers twisted and banged each other, it came down to the remaining three. Eddie Brown (92) caused the most demage, hence was the winner, Colley (33) in second and third went to the Minnion Car.
Saturday Night the Chicago’s Hit Rock Station was out, playing music all night. The speedway had over 200 prizes to give out thanks to The LOOP. Fast times were held by Roger Markham (SLM #11), Jordan Jackowiak (LM #10), and Mike Mataragus (4-Bar #7). When announcing the Dashes, I could tell it was going to be a good night. As the night cooled the wind deceased, which lead to great track conditions. Dust was minimal and racing was fenamenal. The Super Late Model Feature was won by the points leader, Jay Brendle (15). Late Model Feature was Danny Markham (00). Dynamite Mike Provenzano (M27) won the 4-Bar Feature. Scott Vetter (56c) won the Spectator feature and Justin Colley (33) met up in victory lane for the Compact win. Mickee Runge (10) in the Powder Puffs won the Feature, pushing herself farther away from Linda SParks (73J, 2nd in points).
Throughout this past weekend Sycamore Speedway had full fields of cars and a packed house to support the drivers. They continue to provide family fun entertainment, week after week. Join the Speedway this upcoming Friday for another action packed Demoltion Derby. (please note that, Sycamore SPeedweay does not host typical fair demos. Their demos are at the end of a racing program, and car count is determined by the cars that show up. They do not pre register cars or host a night of Demoltion Derbies only) Also, on Friday there will be SPectator, Powder Puff, Compact and Modified Compact racing. The night will conclude with One on One Drags, a Figure 8, and Compact Car DEMOLTION DERBY! Gates open at 6pm. Qualifying at 7:15pm and races start at 8pm.
On Saturday, 37 laps for the Corn Classic, Super Late Model Main. Late Models, Spectators, Powder Puffs, and Compacts will all be racing. This will be the last chance to watch the Badger Micro Sprints untill 2015. Gates open at 6pm. Qualifying at 6:30pm. Races to start at 7:30pm. Admissions for both events are $12.00 for adults, kids ages 6-13 are $5.00, and kids under 5 are FREE.