Summer National Hell Tour Results-June, 15th

Babb Keeps Moyer At Bay Again
June 17, 2018
Saturday, June 16th Customer Appreciation Plus Mini Van Demo
June 20, 2018

Thank you everyone that joined us for another fantastic year.
2018 Sycamore Speedway Summer National Results
Date: 15-Jun-18
Dirt Car UMP Late Models
# Name Town Time
Heat 1: 3s Brian Shirley
Heat 2: 21 Rich Bell
Heat 3: 18 Shannon Babb
Heat 4: 24 Ryan Unzicker
B Feature:
1st: 4g Bob Gardner
2nd: 94 Austin Rettig
3rd: m14 Brandon Thirlby
4th: 2m Allen Murray
5th: cj1 Rusty Schlenk
A Feature:
1st: 18 Shannon Babb
2nd: 21 Billy Moyer
3rd: 24 Ryan Unzicker
4th: 1g Devin Gilpin
5th: 3s Brian Shirley
6th: 11g Gordy Gundaker
7th: 56 Tony Jackson Jr
8th: 2 Nick Hoffman
9th: 25 Jason Feger
10th: 32s Chris Simpson

# Name Town Time
Fast Time: 56c 19.085
Heat 1: 24 Jeff Hooker Cortland
Heat 2: 32c Johnny Lovett DeKalb
Feature 1:
1st: 32c Johnny Lovett DeKalb
2nd: 56c
3rd: 147 Brad Becker
4th: 29s Scott Quarnstrom Lake Villa
5th: 11x Mike Cunz Cortland
6th: 133 Jacob Colley Aurora
7th: 24 Jeff Hooker Cortland
8th: 23
9th: 48 Mike Gossett Montgomery
10th: 86it Matt Williams Loves Park
Street Stocks
# Name Town Time
Fast Time: 71 Austin Runge Lake Zurich 18.691
Heat 1: 72 Mitch Moag Oswego
Heat 2: 4z Zach Zuberbier Kingston
Feature 1:
1st: 71 Austin Runge Lake Zurich
2nd: 79 Dave Richards Marengo
3rd: 2 Chad Puffer Sycamore
4th: 7 Don Markham Belvidere
4th: 4z Zach Zuberbier Kingston
5th: 30 Peter Hayes Villa Park
6th: 72 Mitch Moag Oswego
7th: 82 Nathan Finny Sycamore
9th: 14 Matt Johnson DeKalb
10th: 51 Angel Sneed Justice

The street stock finish was asked to be reviewed. After reviewing a video of the race it was found that the track made an error. Since checks have been sent out we find it fair to issue 2 4th places for this feature. ~Tiffany

Summit Modifieds
# Name
Heat 1: 5 Steven Brooks
Heat 2: 96m Mike McKinney
Feature 1:
1st: 96m Mike McKinney
2nd: 5 Steven Brooks
3rd: A1X Phil Dixon
4th: 32 Donovan Lodge
5th: 77 Ray Bollinger
6th: 57 Tim Hamburg
7th: 18 Jeffrey Ledford
8th: 45 Kyle Hammer
9th: 2R Chad Rockefeller
10th: 18j Dustin Johnson