Labor Day Weekend at Sycamore Speedway

Labor Day Weekend
This past weekend at Sycamore Speedway, Mother Nature tried her best! With the help from employees, loyal fans, and loyal drivers Sycamore Speedeway was able to get both nights of racing in. At about 6pm on Friday the skys opened up on the speedway. However, with fans flooding in and drivers ready to go, track staff pulled the track together as best as possible. The track was definatly wet and a mess but with a little rearranging in the schedule of events, they were able to get all races in.
Sycamore Speedway would like to thank all drivers and fans that insisted them in preparring the track. “By moving the demolition derby and frihure 8’s to the top of the scedule we were hoping that the track would continue to get better. It doesnt take much rain to ruin our race surface… We hope that fans and drivers will understand weather conditions and track surfaces a little better the next time we are forced to cancel.” Gathered from Brett Gerace, a track employee.
Although it was a weathery night, Friday night drivers did not fail to provide entertaiment. The Demoltiion Derby was filled with 8 cars, continuing to twist some metal. For the kids Sycamore SPeedway held theie first Power Wheels Deoltion Derby. What an action packed event! Future drivers and “Demoers” preparred the 23 power wheels for crashing and banging. Another Sycamore Speedway staff member commented that there would be two Power Wheels Demos in 2015. A Must Attend Event!
Saturday the weather was much improved as the Super Late Models, Lat Models, Spectators, Powder Puffs, Compacts, 4-Bars, and the 1200cc Lightning Sprints preped themselves for the races. Jim Klingel (02) finnaly saw himself in victory lane for the Super Late Model feature. The Late Model Feature was won only by the a bumper by the 00 of Danny Markham, but, Mr. Runge in the 71 car gave him and anybody else that wanted the lead a run for their money. Joe Jackson (66j) was victorious in the Spectator division. Mickee Runge (10) won the Powder Puff feature. Scott Vetter (56c) won the Compact feature. With $1000.00 dollars on the line the 4-Bar feature put on a show. The 7 of Mike Matarangus took the lead from Mike Provenzano and took home the prize money.
Next Friday, Sycamore Speedway will have Spectator, Powder Puff, Compact, and Modified Compact racing. Including, a Figure 8, One on One Drags, and a Demoltion Derby. Races start at 8pm. with $12 adult admisions, kids ages 6-13 are $5, and under 5 are FREE
Saturday, the Old Milwaukee Classic. Super Late Models, Late Models, Spectators, Powder Puffs, Compacts, and the IMRA Midget Lites will all be racing. Qualifying starts at 6:30pm and races start at 7:30pm.