Schedule of Events for Saturday, June 20

Saturday Night Lineup for Saturday, June 20, 2015
Time Class Event # of Laps Notes
5:30 PM Badger Micro Sprints Driver’s Meeting By air compressor
6:00 PM All Classes Driver’s Meeting Pit Tower
6:15 PM All Classes–SLM/LM/4 BAR Pack/Hot Laps Both tracks
6:55 PM Badger Micro Sprints Hot Laps Sm Track Typically will split the field and each session will get 6 to 8 laps.
7:15 PM National Anthem
7:20 PM Power Wheel Demo depending on car count we will determine if its in the grand stand area or on track
Badger Micro Sprints Heat 1 8
Badger Micro Sprints Heat 2 8
SLM Heat 1 8 Will draw for heat race placement…..all payouts and points will be the same regardless of which heat you pull for.
SLM Heat 2 8
LM Heat 1 8
LM Heat 2 8
4 Bar Heat (only 1) 8 new cars only draw for position and then finish will be added to rear of existing feature lineup
Pure Stock Heat 1 6
Mod Compact Heat 1 6
Intermission 10 mins MAX
Badger Micro Sprints Feature 20
SLM Feature 52 Feature Line ups will be the same as June 13th rainout lineups.  Any new cars will be added to the back of the feature in order of how they finish 06/20 heats.
LM Feature 26
FAMILY PICTURE with both SLM & LM Winners
4 Bar Feature 30
Pure Stock Feature 10 2
Mod Compact Feature 10