Points Season Ends but Racing Does Not!!

Final Points Night at Sycamore Speedway
Saturday night at Sycamore Speedway The Illinois Corn Growers Association and the Kane County Corn Growers Association sponsored the night along with Euclid Beverage Company. A car count of 12 Late Models showed up for a chance to win the biggest feature they run. Starting the Late Model feature Greg Hancock (38) and John Dietrich (50D) were on the front row. Dietrich took the lead right off the bat, as Jordan Jackowiak (10) worked his way from Seventh to first in 15-1/2 mile laps. Jackowiak (10) took home the feature win and the 2014 Late Model points Championship!!
In the Super Late Model division Jay Brendle (15) and Roger Markham (11) went into the final points night both having a chance at the championship. With 37 laps the distance the Super Late Models traded paint lap after lap after lap. Both the Super Late Models and Late Models put on great shows that were filled with quality racing for the fans. What a way to end the 2014 Points Race Season. Roger Maarkham (11) took home the Corn Classic feature win, however, Markham was not able to gain enough points for the championship.
The lovely ladies of Sycamore Speedway went into Saturday night with the championship still on the line. Mickee Runge (10) started the night only two points behind Linda Sparks (73j). After an intense heat and feature, the points season ended with Sparks recieveing 113 and Runge with 111. Both Powder Puff drivers raced against each other all year for the championship.
Spectators and Compacts put on great shows for the fans, even with the champions already set in. Mike Brancecum Sr (29) is the 2014 Spectator Champion and Scott Vetter (56c) took the Compat Championship.
The 2014 race season ended with a blast and another great show for the fans. All drivers of all divisionsraced their last points race to gain as many points as possible. Congradulations to all drivers at Sycamore Speedway for another great year of family fun weekend entertainment. The 2014 Champions are as fallows:
Super Late Model: Jay Brendle (15)
Late Model: Jordan Jackowiak (10)
Spectator: Mike Brancecum Sr. (29)
Powder Puff: Linda Sparks (73j)
Compact Combat: Scott Vetter (56c)
Saturday, September 27th is the final night of racing at Sycamore Speedweay in 2014. Run What Ya Brung. This night allows cars and classes from any track to join the fun. All cars get a chance to qualify and will be placed in their respective races. This means cars from other divisions will be raceing against each other. The gates open at 6pm, Qualifying at 6:30pm and races start at 7:30pm. Admissions for the event are $12 for adults, Kids ages 6-13 afre $5, and kids under age 5 are FREE.