Mid Season Championship victor Mother Nature

This weekend’s races fell short by 1 night of action packed excitement by rain.  Saturday’s Mid Season Championship victor was Mother Nature.  But she let the skies be perfect for Friday’s races.  In the Compact Division, # 33 Justin Colley raced his heart out and found himself in victory lane for a triple threat winning the Trophy Dash, the Fast Heat, and Fast Feature.  It has been since May 29, 2015 that Sycamore Speedway has been able to get in a Spectator Demo, and the show was worth the wait.  Congrats to Mike McMurray for that win.  The ladies of racing proved to be the show of the night.  They battle lap after lap for the lead but this weekend, Tasha Sogsdill took the win.  It was a night filled with many first wins for the 2015 season, all well-deserved wins.

Photos from this past Friday can be found at https://sycamorespeedway.com/gallery-2/   then click on Dan Simpson

Mark Your Calendars…  On Friday, July 17, 2015 they will feature Spectator, Powder Puff, Compact & Socker Stocker racing along with a Figure 8 and Demolition Derby.  Don’t forget on Fridays gates open at 6 pm, Time Trials at 7:15 pm and Racing at 8pm.  General Admission for Friday is $12 for Adults, $5 for Children aged 5-11, and FREE for Children under the age of 5.  Saturday, July 18, 2015 is a night for the whole family, the IMRA midget’s debut plus Super Late Models, Late Models, Pure Stocks, and Modified Compacts.  Pit Gates open at 4pm.  General Admission Gate opens at 6pm.  Time Trials are at 6:30 pm and Racing at 7:30 pm and Fireworks around 9:30 pm.  General Admission for this event is $12 for Adults, $5 for Children aged 5-11, and FREE for Children under the age of 5.  For more details of our events check us out at www.sycamorespeedway.com.  And we hope to see you all at the races.