4-Bar and Lightning Sprint’s Big Debut! May 17th.

First 4-Bar and 1200cc Lightning Sprints Night. May 17th, 2014
With Mother Nature’s lovely tricks that she played on all of us, Sycamore Speedway staff pulled together to get the race surface ready. After countless worries and hours we were finallly given a break in the weather. Although cold we did not see any rain on Saturday. The lack of rain on Saturday did not have any affect on the action in all classes: Super Late Models, Late Models, Powder Puff, Compact Combat, Spectator, 4-Bars, and the 1200cc Lightning Sprints all filled the track with mud slinging action from 7:30pm till 10:30pm.
This weekends show was filled with extreme action form our Spectators, Powder Puffs, and Compacts. However, the torqin and twistin of the Super Late Models and the 4-Bars was out of this world. The 1200cc Lightning Sprints added to the excitment of the ‘Midewest Finest Track.” As we reflect back on this weekends races we want to give a shout out to all the drivers. Races were raced like professionals and they provided a fun filled field of cars for the fans.Cngradulations to our feature winers: Little John Provenano (#54, 4-Bar), Roger Markham (#11, SLM), Jordan Jackowiak (#10, LM), Starr Roach (#34c, PP), Joe Jackson (#66j, Spectator), Michael Shaw (#94, Spectator), Tony Doehrty (#95, CC), Eddie Brown (#92, CC), and of course Andy Baugh racing the #6b in the Lightning Sprints.
We apreciate all sponsors and fans of Sycamore Speedway. Please join us next week for The Memorial Day Championship; 25 laps on the Big Track. We also want to welcome the IMRA Midgets Lites to Sycamore Speedway. Have a safe week and remember! Lave racing to the professionals.