2015 Pure Stock Rules

September 18th, 2014

Sycamore Speedway is excited to announce the introduction of a new class for 2015, Pure Stock Spectators.  We have uploaded a rulebook that as of this the guideline to this new class.  In November, we will be hosting our annual rulebook meeting where any and all questions, possible rule changes and the finalization of the rulebook will happen.  If you would like to be included on the mailing for this meeting please email Tiffany at sycamorespeedway@gmail.com with your address.  Please note, that we will not be making any changes or taking calls in regards to this rulebook until that time.  As in years past, all rulebook changes will be posted on our website effective December 1, 2014.  Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to making our classes the best in the Midwest.




Any stock American made 1948 and newer automobile or station wagon with a minimum 108-inch wheelbase is allowed. NO TRUCKS, SUV’S, CONVERTIBLES, CAMEROS, FIREBIRDS AND T-TOPS ALLOWED.

This class will be running on Saturday only, you may run for points in this class as well as any Friday night class, i.e. Spectator, Powder Puff and/or Compact.

Age limit – valid driver’s license.

No drinking on track or pit area or you will be removed from the grounds.

We will draw for starting positions, or other means, to facilitate positioning.

The number of events, number of cars in each event, type of racing (normal or novelty) and finishing positions will be determined by the officials and their decision is FINAL.

We will exercise our judgment for what is best under the existing circumstances to which track, big or small, the competing cars will race on.

All scoring and positions are determined at the time the leader received the checkered flag. Official’s decision is FINAL. Your car must be ready to race when the event is called. We will not hold up any race for your car. Any disputes, questions or problems will be heard and settled in the Pit Office. Track officials will resolve all racing matters. All racecars must abide by the safety and general rules of the Sycamore Speedway. A copy of the general rules may be obtained at the pit office or by calling (815) 895-5454 between 10 am to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday or on the web @ www.sycamorespeedway.com.

First and second place cars must start at the rear of the pack the next racing event.

All cars will be inspected before the race. Winning cars may be inspected after the race. NO coverage or responsibility for any damage to any car. Cars must be numbered and inspected by the Tech Team. Numbers may be obtained by calling (815) 895-5454 between 10 am to 3 pm Monday through Friday. KEEP SAME NUMBER ALL YEAR. Different car-same driver-SAME NUMBER.

Racecars will be inspected by officials at times they so designate.

All cars must run heat races and trophies dashes.



A. DOT approved helmets with faceshields. No Motorcross helmet

B. Driver must wear a full flame retardant racing suit. A 2-piece suit is ok.

C. Gloves.


STRICTLY ENFORCED: All glass, including windshield, mirrors (side & rearview), head and tail lights, must be removed before arriving at the speedway. Cars must be swept clean. No junk tires, wheels, metal parts, etc. allowed in car. Any sharp protruding objects on cars must be smashed down or cut off.


Must be replaced with screen

3 bars must be installed in front of driver

ALL DOORS must be welded shut. No Riveting.

Any driver’s door coming open during the race will be disqualified.

Hood and deck lids must be operable until after inspection. Hood and deck lid must open for inspection. Hood & Trunk Pins mandatory.

Number painted on passenger door, should be PAINTED with CONTRASTING COLORS i.e. black door/white number. Navy Blue and Black are NOT contrasting colors. NUMBER WILL BE 18″ HIGH MINIMUM, STRICTLY ENFORCED.


Stock seat may be replaced with Racing seat, if so racing belts, 3yrs or newer, are mandatory.

If Stock seat is used you must replace standard seat belt with 5 point harness belt.

Insulation under hood must be removed.

No special bumpers, reinforcements or fabrications other than stock replacements will be allowed. No aftermarket nose and tail allowed.

Cars must be strictly STOCK. No cutting, chopping, shortening or cutting allowed.

The stock steel floor pan and trunk pan must remain and be unaltered. Rear wheel wells must remain.


Front Firewall must be sealed. No Holes

Rear Seat must be removed and tinned to create a rear firewall.

No Holes in the Hood or Roof. NO EXCEPTIONS

No skinning of body components, hood, trunk, inner panels, or fenders with the exception for the clearance of the installation of inner roll cage.

Dash may be removed when a 4 point cage with dash bar is installed at oem dash height.

Roll Cage: Full Interior Roll Cage MANDATORY

Bars may not pass through trunk or into engine compartment

Must be welded to the frame

1 ¾” .090 wall tubing or better must be used.

Roll Cage will be highly teched.


Differential: Unaltered Stock rear end ONLY.

Stock Length trailing arms.

Welded gears or spoils allowed.

NO 9” Housing.

Aftermarket Axles permitted

Driveshaft must be OEM steel and painted white.

Transmission: Stock Automatic Transmission ONLY.

No direct drives must have converter

12” Torque Converters Only

Trans Cooler Allowed

Engine: Any stock cast iron American made V8 engine in stock location.

Original rubber mounts

No aftermarket racing parts.

No angle plug heads. No vortex heads.

Stock cast iron intake and exhaust manifolds ONLY.

Exhaust manifolds: must exit under the car and pipe must not be larger than 2.5” – No H Pipes.

No 400 blocks or aftermarket blocks.

Maximum compression allowed 9:1.

Hydraulic Camshaft ONLY

All Cars will be vacuum tested. Must pull a minimum of 17” of vacuum at idle MANDATORY. At idle means the car will be in park when tested.

Stock Oil Pan

Balancer—Stock only but may be replaced with OEM.

Carburetion: Any Stock “OEM” carb allowed.

Air Filter: stock paper type 4” max. No K&Ns.

Stock Distributors ONLY. Stock coil in stock location only.

Stock OEM Mechanical fuel pumps only.


Cooling system must remain in engine compartment. Aluminum radiators permissible. NO antifreeze.

Reinforcement support is allowed for radiator, ie kicker bar allowed. This is nothing more than to hold radiator in upright position.

Discharge from overflow tube must be pointed to the ground.

FUEL CELL: Stock gas tank must be removed and replaced with 12 gal max fuel cell. Must be installed in center of the trunk, i.e. No Offset. Must be secured with metal straps. No ratchet strap allowed.

BATTERIES may be moved to any reasonable position in the car, but they must be securely fastened and covered in a sealed battery box.


5/8” Wheel stud highly recommended

1” Lug Nuts

No snow tires.

White spoke or racing wheels allowed, 8-inch maximum width.

No pipes welded over tire valve stems.

No Good Year LT Wrangler tires – No LT or AT tires.

Passenger AT tires permitted

Max tire size 235/75/15.

Any winner using different size tires to aid in handling will be disqualified.

NO made for racing tires allowed, i.e. Hoosiers, etc.


All 4 brakes must work.

No brake bias valves ALLOWED.

Stock master cylinder ONLY


Must look & work stock

Racing springs can be used

No Racing Shocks (any over the counter shock is allowed)

Spindles must be stock and for that car


Stock steering column ONLY

Removable racing wheel allowed


Cars must weigh at minimum 3500 lbs determined by Sycamore Speedway scale.

Added weights permissible, must be securely mounted and painted white with your number on each piece.

Pit steward has the right to refuse your car to race if s/he feels it is unsafe.