Power Wheels

August 11, 2014

Power Wheels Demolition Derby Added to Schedule!!!

Power Wheel Demo Derby At Sycamore Speedway August 29, 2014 Rain Date scheduled for September 5, 2014 Drivers Name_________________________________________________ Drivers Hometown_____________________________________________ Drivers Age___________________________________________________ Description of Power Wheel_____________________________________ Color of Power Wheel__________________________________________ Number on Power Wheel_____________________(pick your favorite number) Parents of the Driver___________________________________________ Drivers Hobbies_______________________________________________ Drivers T-shirt Size (please circle one) 2-4, 6-8, 10-12, 14-16, adult small, adult medium, adult large The cost for the power wheel demo derby will be $25.00. This will include: 1. Pit pass for the driver to be on the track during the derby only. 2. Pit pass for one parent/guardian to be track side during […]