2021 Sycamore Speedway’s 3-Link Super Late Model Rulebook


The Management would like to welcome you and thank you for your interest in racing at Sycamore Speedway.  This rulebook is written to give you information about the operation of our events and the rules, both mechanical and procedural.  Please read this rulebook carefully.  All racing events require that each and every one of us remember our first obligation is to the race fans.  The racing officials and management of Sycamore Speedway will resolve any disagreement over technical questions, establish the length, frequency and administration of all racing events and determine all finishing positions.  Their decision is final.


The rules and/or regulations set forth herein are designed to provide for orderly conduct of racing to establish minimum acceptable requirements for such events.  These rules shall govern the conditions of all events, and by participating in these events, all participants are deemed to have complied with the rules.  NO EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTY OF SAFETY SHALL RESULT FROM PUBLICATIONS OF OR COMPLIANCE WITH THESE RULES AND/OR REGULATIONS.  They are intended as a guide for the conduct of the sport and are in no way a guarantee against injury or death to a participant, spectator or official.  The race director shall be empowered to permit minor deviation from any of the specifications herein or impose any further restrictions that, in his/her opinion, do not alter the minimum acceptable requirements.  NO EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED WARRANTY OF SAFETY SHALL RESULT FROM SUCH AN ALTERATION OF SPECIFICATION.  Any interpretation or deviation of these rules is left to the discretion of the officials.  Their decision is final.  Other items not covered in this information will be decided by racing officials.




  1. These general rules apply to each and everyone, car owners, drivers, mechanics, pit crew members, fans and anyone in the pit area, grandstands or on the racetrack. We will not tolerate any fighting and unnecessary recklessness or any type of retaliation.  Profanity is prohibited.  Consumption of any alcoholic beverages or controlled substances within the pit area and on the racetrack is prohibited.  Race cars and personal clothing will not display profane signs, sex signs, and swastika, ethnic or racial slurs.  Use of radio signals that interfere with our track is prohibited.
  2. To compete at Sycamore Speedway your car must have a complete body and adhere to the rules described for your class.  All cars must willingly pass a technical inspection each race date.  Any refusal for inspection results in disqualification for that night.  No inspection-no race.
  3. Age Limit: Must have a valid driver’s license.
  4. All competing cars must complete a Sycamore Speedway Membership, a W9 and have a number assigned. The same number will be re-assigned to you IF you re apply for it by March 1, 2021.  You must register every year.
  5. To register for a number or become a racer at Sycamore Speedway, please read below.
    1. Click the link https://sycamorespeedway.com/driver-registration-form/ or copy and paste into your browser
    2. Complete the online form (if any red X’s appear the form is incomplete and will not submit)
    3. We will send a confirmation email to you confirming your registration.
    4. Download and read in its entirety the rulebook for the class(es) you will be racing in. Rulebooks can be found at https://sycamorespeedway.com/#
    5. Prep your car according to the rulebook
    6. Bring car to track
      1. Go thru tech inspection at the scale
      2. Attend driver’s meeting
  • Qualify
  1. Let’s Go Racing!
  1. During the races, the only people allowed on the racetrack and infield is drivers, disabled cars and racing officials. Everyone must stay behind the fences at all times unless requested by the officials to assist for some special reason.
  2. In case of accident, car must be taken into pits or infield (at a safe distance) to be worked on, subject to official’s decision.

Competing cars and drivers found in violation of rules will lose any purse money & points won for that night.

  1. Insurance coverage exists beginning 30 minutes prior to scheduled race time and ending 10 minutes after the finish of the last event.
  2. WEATHER POLICY: In the chance of sudden showers, the track starter will suspend the races; however, every effort will be made to complete the races after the rain stops.  If, in the opinion of Speedway Officials, the bad weather will prevent the return of a safe racing condition in a reasonable amount of time, the remaining races will be cancelled or postponed as follows:
  3. The program will be considered complete (no rain checks) if 4 or more events, not including time trials, have been run.
  4. If a special event was rained out, the special event may be added to the next weeks race show.
  5. In the event of rain, or any circumstances beyond the control of the Speedway Officials, the race may be declared complete or continued at the discretion of the officials in charge.
  6. If the program is not considered complete (see no. 1) your ticket stub or pit pass wristband will serve as a rain check for another race held within the next 2 race nights unless otherwise stated by Sycamore Speedway Management
  8. Green – Track is clear.
  9. Red – Indicates that all cars are to stop at once. The race has been halted.  Once cars have started to lineup for restart, latecomers will lose their positions.  Any car not ready for restart shall go to rear of pack.
  10. Yellow – Hold your position. Do not pass.  The lead car must slow down to parade lap speed, and ALL cars remain in single file at a constant slow speed all around the track.  Failure of the car to trail the car ahead will cause violator to lose position.  It is the responsibility of the lead car to slow down to parade lap speed.  When there is a yellow on the white flag lap, the race is over!  Cars will be scored on the finished lap previous to white flag.

NOTE: YELLOW FLAG LAPS NOT COUNTED*.  ANY CAR OR CARS INVOLVED IN A YELLOW FLAG SITUATION SHALL RESTART IN THE REAR.  ANY CAR CAUSING TWO YELLOW FLAGS IN ONE RACE MUST LEAVE THE RACETRACK FOR THE REMAINDER OF THAT RACE.  If you intentional cause a caution you will be black flagged for that race.  Any driver, pit crew member or family disturbing flagman or scorers before conclusion of racing program, will disqualify that car or be fined.  *At the discretion of the promoter, yellow flag laps may be counted.

  1. Black – The scorer will not count the laps of the black flagged car until he enters the pits and remedies the hazardous reason causing the car to receive the black flag. Failure to see the black flag will not be considered as an excuse.
  2. Blue w/Orange Stripe – Starters Signal – Hold your Line.
  3. Checkered – Race is over. When lead car gets checkered flag, race is over for all cars as they cross the finish line.
  4. The placement of the cars in order of finish as determined by the scorer will be final.
  5. The track steward reserves the right to increase or decrease the field of cars at his discretion.
  6. Any driver, who in the opinion of the track officials or flagman, shows evidence of exhaustion, drinking, under the influence of controlled substance or other physical incapacity, may be barred from the events in the interest of safety to himself and to others.
  7. Any person or persons willfully blocking the track or attempting to obstruct the race program will be requested not to return to the track for future race meets. Remember…when a rule is enforced, one or more people aren’t going to like it.
  8. A race will not be stopped because of a car or cars spinning out in the first curve or turn on the first lap unless the situations, determined by the flagman, would warrant it.
  9. Intoxicating beverages, including beer, are not permitted in the pit area before or during a race meet. Any car whose crew has been drinking in the pits, will be fined, suspended and/or both.
  10. Cars not at the gate at least thirty (30) minutes before race time will be placed in position at the discretion of the steward, if situation so requires it.
  11. Abandoned car will be towed away.
  12. When qualifying, an allowance of one spin or wave-off will be permitted per night. When time trials are over for a given class, they are over – no exceptions.  You will be allowed one qualifying lap or other means to facilitate positioning as time permits to be determined by the track officials.  Packing is required.  If you do not pack you do not qualify and therefore will be placed at the rear of the slowest heat and back of feature.  NO EXCEPTIONS.
  13. Wristbands appropriate for the event are required at all time. No Exceptions
  14. Only the tow vehicle will be allowed in the pits. No other car will be permitted.
  15. Any driver or crewmember deemed detrimental to the sport of auto racing will be refused entry to the pits. Auto racing is a competitive sport, but like any other event that lives from the support of fans there is, along with competition, a great deal of showmanship required.  STARTING ON TIME, running the events in a professional manner, PROPER UNIFORMS, race cars BRIGHTLY PAINTED and the CONDUCT of the competitors as viewed by the fans; these requirements form an important part of the contest rules and must be considered for the growth of auto racing.
  16. Abuse of any official and use of improper language at any time will be subject to disciplinary action. The penalty imposed will depend on the severity of the act.
  17. If in the combined opinion of the flagman, track officials and timer, a driver did not make the best effort to qualify, he will be positioned in the race lineup as judged appropriate.
  18. If for any reason a race stopped (such as red, yellow or checkered flag), only the persons allowed out on the track are officials, safety crew, wrecker and ambulance crew. NO ONE ELSE!  Anyone not conforming to this rule is subjecting themselves to a severe fine or expulsion from the grounds subject to discretion of track officials.
  19. Any driver, car owner, mechanic or any other person trying to organize others against the track or the officials in any way not limited to but including all forms of media, will be immediately suspended from Sycamore Speedway and barred from further competition.
  20. The following procedures must be observed in the pits:
    1. The cars will lineup in the pits for an event according to the positions posted on the pit bulletin board immediately after the cars enter the track. Any car not in line at this time will miss the event.
      1. Any car missing an event because of this rule may start the next as an added starter; exception – those cars missing the consolation race cannot automatically start the feature as added starter.
    2. If you do not race your heat event, regardless of reason, you will forfeit your starting position for the feature.
    3. Added starters in any event will start in the rear of the pack.
    4. Added starters MAY RACE upon special permission of the track official.
    5. Any car that comes too late to qualify will be added to lineups as officials deem appropriate.
    6. To change drivers or cars, the driver going into the car must have qualified the car that night. This change must be reported to Pit Tower before race event.  As a driver you can only qualify one car per class and you must race that car all night.
    7. If your car breaks mid event, you cannot run someone else’s car with your number.
    8. Any fines and/or suspensions will be decreed by the officials, subject to the following: mechanical violations – maximum of $200 fine, safety violations – maximum of $500 fine and/or two weeks suspension.  Rain outs or race night cancellations do not count towards penalty.
    9. PROTEST RULE: If you feel one of your competitors is cheating, for $100 you can request that the car be inspected. $50 will be retained by the racetrack regardless of the outcome; the remaining $50 will go to the correct party.  If you claim a competitor is cheating and you are correct then you get your $50 back, if you are wrong the $50 will go to the competitor you wrongly accused.  The $100 you are paying is for a full tech, should this inspection result in an illegal car than the repercussions are the same as if the car was randomly picked for a full tech inspection, i.e. loss of points & money for the night.
    10. It is the responsibility of the driver/owner to have the car legal & compliant with the entire rulebook. If you have something in question it is probably because you are pushing the limits of the rulebook.
    11. All cars must be removed from pit area after the conclusion of the evening events. ANY car left on the premises after ten days will be charged “storage”.  Pit lights out and pit area emptied and locked thirty minutes after race event.
    12. The track will reserve the right to reject any entry.


  1. Car & Driver General Rules
  2. Cars may be painted as you choose, but number must be a bright, contrasting color. WHEELS MUST BE SOLID WHITE OR FLOURESCENT COLORED for easy visibility in the event one is thrown.  Day-Glo paint is strongly recommended.  NO PRIMERED CARS.  NO TWO CARS PAINTED IDENTICAL WITHIN THE SAME CLASSES!
  6. We recommend all pit participants wear white pants or coveralls for visibility reasons.
  7. We require all drivers, for Dirt Late Model (aka UMP LM), SLM, Street Stock, Pure Stock, & any visiting class to wear a flame resistant driving suit, a two piece suit is ok. Closed toed shoes & gloves.  A Snell approved helmet with face shield, no Motocross helmets or snowmobile helmet allowed.  For Spectator, Powder Puff, Socker Stocker & Compact Combat at minimum, long sleeves, long pants, gloves and closed toed shoes and a Snell approved helmet with face shield are
  9. Open Late Models (ie UMP LM, crate LM), Super Late Models, Street Stock, Pure Stock, all must be equipped with welded cage types. ROLL CAGES WELDED TO THE FRAME OF THE CAR.  Bars must pass inspection of the tech steward.  Suggested specs for roll bars are  wall thickness; .095.  Outside diameter; 1-1/2”.  No pipe joints; bars must be welded and angle joints reinforced.  No galvanized pipe.  DOM type tubing is recommended.
  10. Friday night Compacts: This is MANDATORY to run at minimum a roll cage.  See Compact Rules for specifics.
  12. Passenger type seat belts required at minimum for all Spectator, Compact, Socker Stocker and Powder Puff cars.
  13. All Open Late Models (ie UMP LM, crate LM), Super Late Model, Street Stock, and Pure Stock cars must be equipped with a 5 point racing harness. MANDATORY.  Certification must be visible and show 3 yrs or newer.  They need to be securely fastened to the frame of the car.  Belts must have quick release metal buckle.  Shoulder harness is mandatory.  Shoulder harness must be quick release type.
  14. Approved Snell helmets with face shields must be worn for all classes. This is strongly enforced.  No Motocross or Motorcycle or snowmobile helmets.
  15. SAFETY RULES – the following safety rules will be strongly enforced:
  16. NO BATTERIES, FUEL TANK, FUEL LINES, or any object that may create a hazard in the driver compartment. Batteries will be permitted if securely fastened in a marine type Battery box with cover.  All fuel lines that run through the driver compartment must be covered.
  17. Cars MUST HAVE FULL STEEL FIRE WALLS between driver and engine compartments and driver and fuel tanks.
  18. Seats must be securely fastened to frame of car.
  19. All cars must be self-starting. Cars must leave pits under their own power.
  20. Fire extinguishers are mandatory for all cars and must be securely fastened. Quick release type only and be in reach of driver.
  21. Dirt screens are subject to inspection.
  22. All gas must be in proper marked RED CANS in the pit area.
  23. Flame resistant driving suits and a window restraining net are strongly recommended.
  24. Fuel cell with roll over valve strongly recommended.
  25. Over Flow Tubes must be pointed down.
  26. All exhaust must exit at the side of the car – left side recommended.
  27. Under yellow & red flag conditions, only track officials can be on the racetrack!
  28. No mirrors allowed on any racecar for any class. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  29. For All Classes running at Sycamore Speedway, all drivers must use a race receiver. Fusion 1600 is a very common type and is most common at a lot of other facilities too. Our Channel is 454.000.  PLEASE NOTE:  you cannot use a transmittable radio; it must be a 1 way receiver only.



The general rules for the Sycamore Speedway apply to the Super Late Model Class.  Please read above.  It is always best to ask if you have a question before assuming.  All questions can be directed to Tiffany via email at sycamorespeedway@gmail.com.

    1. Open to 1965 through 2021 models. No trucks or jeeps.
    2. Open to American made sedans and hardtops. No convertibles.
    3. Any General Motors, Ford, Chrysler, etc. may compete and look presentable.
    1. Car must weigh a minimum of 2400lbs. with driver after the race.
    2. Weights up to 50 lbs must be securely fastened by 2 ½ inch, minimum grade 5 bolts with a minimum of 2 weight clamps. Threaded rods will not be permitted.  All weights must be painted white and clearly labeled with the car number on it.
    3. Any weight(s) must be securely attached to the frame below the body decking.
    4. Any car that loses any weight/ballast during an event may be subject to a penalty. If you lose your weight and it’s not marked with your number, you do not get it back.
    5. Weights attached to the rear bumper and/or outside the frame will not be permitted.
    6. Weight(s) mounted to any suspension or axle will not be permitted.
    7. Pellet-type and/or liquid-type weight/ballast will not be permitted.
    8. Driver operated weight adjustment, ‘weight jacking’ devices will not be permitted.
    1. All cars must be STOCK appearing, full bodies, neat and clean. Badly mutilated, damaged or unsightly cars are not permitted.  NO Corvette Bodies. Bodies may be the same as a Dirt Late Model formerly known as 4 Bar.
    2. Trunk decks need to be solid.
    3. Hoods must remain in original locked position and closed. All hoods must have positive fastener. Shock cord recommended.  No car permitted to start race without a hood unless given special permission by tech steward.
    4. Filler disk in steering wheel recommended (i.e. AFCO).
    5. Any type of bracing for protection, front or back, will be permitted as long as it is not visible. Outside bracing permitted as long as it is no more than one inch above bumperettes or no higher than the lip of the hood or trunk lid.  Rub-rails between wheels permitted if flush with body and no larger than 1 x 1-1/2″ rectangular tube (NO SHARP EDGES!).  Must remain inside wheelbase and tire tread and be painted color of car.  All front bracing must be behind the nose, 1/8” thick by 2” wide strap steel may be used to hold nose to inner bracing.
    6. Body must extend beyond wheels and tires.
    7. Firewall may be altered if put back in safe condition.
    8. Mandatory full-size roof. Roof must be centered on car.  Must look O.E.M.
    9. Exposed cable or chain on front of car for towing purposes.
    10. No offset bodies.
    11. Rear spoiler maximum height 8” x 72” long. Side panels 8” high in rear, 4 ½” in front, no longer than 18”.
    1. Full windshield screen recommended. What is MANDATORY is a minimum of 3 additional roll bars must be mounted in front of the driver.  No EXCEPTIONS. No TOLERANCE.
  5. ENGINE – No V6’s
    1. Engine must be stock appearing. A maximum of 25 ½” inches from the center of the right front upper ball joint to the back of the engine block will be used for engine location.  This will be measured with a go-no-go gauge.  NO TOLERANCE.
    2. Engine and transmission may be interchanged with other makes, Chevy in Ford etc.
    3. Engine must be stock appearing. No dry-sump engines allowed.  No external oil pumps allowed.
    4. No aluminum engines – OEM or otherwise.
    5. GM604 crate engine (GM Part Number – 88958604) is allowed.
    1. 390 CFM Holley. Will be checked with Carburetor Test Gauge Kit 7861.
      1. Venture Bore Pri and Sec 1.064
      2. Booster O.D. at parting line .630
  • Booster O.D. at top and bottom .618
  1. Booster I.D. .446
  2. Booster cross leg width .226
  3. Booster leg pin gauge .117
  • Booster Length .720 (+ or -) .010
  • Throttle Bore Pri and Sec 1.4385
  1. Combined Throttle Shaft & Plate .2085
    1. Any type ignition system.
    2. No computerized triggering systems, MUST HAVE DISTRIBUTOR.
    3. Any tachometer allowed except for those with timing control ability. YOU MAY BE REQUIRED TO UNPLUG YOUR TACH.
    4. No manual timing control systems.
    5. All cars must be equipped with self-starter in working order.
    1. Clutch assembly must be fastened to the back of the motor & be inside a scatter shield.
    2. Transmissions (i.e. Bert, Brinn, etc.,) are permissible.
    3. Rear axle assemblies allowed that are safe for racing. Rear ends – 2 suspension setups only, three bar or multiple leaf.
      1. Three bar car – solid mounted. Birdcages allowed but must be pinned solid.  No swing arms.  No spring rod or rubber controller on top bar.  Both springs and/or shocks must be mounted in front of rear axle, on top of axle or behind axle.  No staggering permitted.  Three bar car consists of 2 lower links mounted to the rear axle or birdcage, forward facing along with 1 upper link attached to axle-forward facing toward front of the car.

NOTE:  Any variation to the facing or mounting of the 3-link bars will have to be approved by the track; a penalty may be assessed of 100lb weight addition mounted in front of the mid plate of the bell housing.

  1. Leaf car – leafs can be steel or fiberglass and you are allowed two shocks on top. NOTE:  Leaf spring cars running stock stub may run a birdcage on right rear only.
  1. Quick change may be used; full locked type only-no anti-slips. NOTE:  LOCKED means both wheels must turn same direction only.  Must have spool inside rear end.
  2. No added traction bar assemblies such as Reese-type or fifth spring, etc. Stabilizers must be rigid, no rubber units or telescoping.
  3. All springs must be metal with the exception of leaf springs.
  4. No cushion drive plates on rear axle hubs.
    1. Stock-Any chassis welded to Camaro stub 48” long with stock lower control arms.
    2. Fabricated chassis are permissible
    3. Minimum Wheel Base 103”
    1. Steering rack and pinion or stock allowed (quick steering allowed on stock style only). Power steering recommended.
    1. Fuel cells mandatory. Rollover valve required on vent tube.  If you purchase new fuel cell make sure it has a rollover valve on vent tube.  Fuel cells must be mounted behind rear axle between rear tires, a minimum 4” ahead of the rear bumper.
    2. Recommended to have additional bar above rear bumper across rear of fuel cell.
    3. Fuel pumps mechanical only. No electrical fuel pumps.
    1. Heavy duty shocks permissible. Adjustable shocks allowed but cannot be changed from cockpit.
    1. We recommend pipes extend beyond the driver to the outer edge of the car or to the rear. Pipes must extend out of the engine compartment.
    2. Any headers. Mufflers recommended.
    1. Radiator must be mounted in front of motor. No anti-freeze.
    2. Discharge from over flow tube must be pointed to the ground.
    1. Reversed wheels permitted but must be inside fenders and safe for racing. 12 inch – width maximum
    2. Safety wheels recommended. All wheels must be painted WHITE or be LIGHT COLORED.
    3. Steel rims and wheels recommended. Bead locks allowed.
    4. Mud covers permissible. Must be Foam or Bolt on only.  No DZUS style allowed
  8. TIRES
    1. Tires must be purchased from Sycamore Speedway only. NO WARRANTIES.
    2. No grooving or altering of tire. Grinding permissible.


  1. Eligibility – Must compete in 90% of races at Sycamore Speedway. No point money if you race at another track on a night that Sycamore Speedway is racing nor if you do not attend the annual Banquet of Champions.  Super Late Model point fund will be $3000.  All payouts & point fund payments are paid to car owner.  MUST meet point fund qualifications to be eligible for any points or bonus money.  All money paid at end of season.
  2. If you do not attend the Banquet of Champions, not only do you forfeit point fund money but you also forfeit any trophy, placement in your class and/or any award given.
  3. Points will follow driver & car meaning if you are driving more than one car in the same season you will have points as a driver for each car that you run. Before any payout will be paid the driver and/or car owner, whoever will be receiving the 1099 for the season, must complete a W9.
  4. Last Year’s Point Champions return money – 1st $100, 2nd $75, 3rd $50, 4th & 5th $25.
Feature 1st place = $475 20 pts & Trophy
2nd place = $350 17 points
3rd place = $230 15 points
4th place = $200 13 points
5th place = $175 12 points
6th place = $160 11 points
7th place = $150 10 points
8th place = $140 9 points
9th place = $130 8 points
10th place = $115 7 points
11th place & below = $75 5 points
Qualifying will determine placement in Heats Fastest to Slowest as shown below.  If 3 heats are needed this lineup would change.  Top 3 of each heat will run the dash, field will be inverted.  See description below.

Heat 1

1 3
5 7
9 11
13 15

Heat 2

2 4
6 8
10 12
14 16
Heats will be used to determine your placement in the dash and feature.
The dash will still be an inverted race but will be used to determine the top 6 positions of the feature.  Lineup will be places 3-2-1 of Heat 1 for the inside row and positions 3-2-1 of Heat 2 for the outside row.

If you do not run your dash then the best start position you can get is 10th.

For example:


3 3
2 2
1 1

Placement in the dash will be the start of the feature.

For example, if you win the dash, you will be the pole of the feature.


Tentative Order of Events: (as always subject to change)

4pm Pit Gates open

6pm Drivers Meeting

615pm Pack the Track

630pm HL/Q for all classes

730pm Opening Ceremonies (Fastest Qualifiers for Each Division will be asked to participate)

Races to Follow

Race Order:

PS Heats (8 laps)

SLM Heats (8 laps)

SS Heats (8 laps)

Additional Heats (i.e. Badger (8 laps), Open Late Model (10 laps), Sprints, etc)

PS Dash (6 laps)

SLM Dash (6 laps)

SS Dash (6 laps)


Intermission (10 mins)

PS Feature 15 laps except for Twin 15

Badger Feature (if they are with us that night) 25 laps

SLM Feature 25 laps except Joe & Nick & Twin 25

Open Late Model Feature (on nights they run with us) 30 laps

SS Feature 20 laps