We have followed UMP rules for this class but will have our own points system and payout.  We are not UMP sanctioned but welcome all that has a car to fit those specifications.


    1. Any front wheel drive, compact car will be permitted for competition.
    2. All chassis and frames must remain unaltered and OEM.  Any front wheel drive, compact car frame will be permitted.
    3. A maximum 107-inch wheelbase is allowed.
    1. This class will be running on Saturday only, you may run for points in this class as well as any Friday night class, i.e. Spectator, Powder Puff, Socker Stocker and/or Compact. But you may not use the same car to do so.
    2. We will draw for qualifying positions.  You will be granted 1 qualifying time.  All lineups will be determined by qualifying time.
    3. The number of events, number of cars in each event, type of racing (normal or novelty) and finishing positions will be determined by the officials and their decision is FINAL.
    4. First and second place cars must start at the rear of the pack the next racing feature event.
    5. All cars will be inspected before the race.  Top winning cars will be inspected after the race.
    6. Racecars will be inspected by officials at times they so designate.
    7. All cars must run heat races in order to preserve their feature position. If for mechanical reason you cannot run heat, tech must be informed and you will start in the rear of the feature.
      1. DOT approved helmets with faceshields.  No Motorcross helmet
      2. Driver must wear a full flame retardant racing suit.  A 2-piece suit is ok
      3. Gloves.
      4. Closed Toed Shoes.
    9. Weight Rule:  At minimum car with driver must weigh 2300 lbs crossing Sycamore Speedway scale.
    1. STRICTLY ENFORCED:  All glass including mirrors (side & rearview), head and tail lights, must be removed before arriving at the speedway.  Cars must be swept clean.  No junk tires, wheels, metal parts, etc. allowed in car.  Any sharp protruding objects on cars must be smashed down or cut off.
    2. The body must remain unaltered and OEM in appearance
    3. ALL DOORS must be positively and securely fastened.
    4. Hood and deck lids must be operable until after inspection.  Hood and deck lid must open for inspection.  Hood & Trunk Pins mandatory.
    5. Insulation under hood must be removed
    6. Dash may be removed when a 4 point cage with dash bar is installed at oem dash height
    7. The inner fenders must remain unaltered and OEM. Removing of the inner fenders will not be permitted.
    8. Front and rear bumpers must be positively and securely fastened. Welded, chained and/or cabled to the frame will be permitted.
    9. Seats: Racing seat with 5 point harness required.  Belts must be 3 years or newer.
    10. No special bumpers, reinforcements or fabrications other than stock replacements will be allowed.  No aftermarket nose and tail allowed. No chopping the ends of the bumpers off.
    11. The magnetic steel floor pan must remain unaltered and OEM. Any work that is done in the form of patches must be completed with magnetic steel.
    12. Firewalls:
      1. Front Firewall must be sealed.  No Holes
      2. Rear Seat must be removed and tinned to create a rear firewall
      3. No Holes in the Hood or Roof.  NO EXCEPTIONS
    13. A front and rear tow hook easily accessible will be required.
    14. The OEM bumper covers must remain on the vehicle, but may be altered to allow for tow hook.
    1. Windshields or windscreen are required.
      1. Screen must be .090 inch
      2. At minimum 3 bars must be installed in front of driver
    1. Only three (3) or four (4) cylinder in-line engines will be permitted
    2. All valve-train components must remain unaltered and OEM including but not limited to; crankshaft, connecting rods, valves, valve sizes and the bore and stroke.
    3. Aftermarket and/or racing-type cylinder heads will not be permitted
    4. High performance and/or sports car engines of any type will not be permitted.
    5. Turbo charged and/or super charged and/or rotary engines will not be permitted.
    6. Solid engine mounts and/or safety chains will be permitted.
    7. The engine and radiator must be OEM and mounted in the stock OEM location for the year, make and model of the car in competition.
    8. Accumulators and/or accusumps will not be permitted.
    9. Reinforcing will be not be permitted with the exception of the front strut bar
    10. An electrical engine shut off switch is required.  The switch must be clearly labeled and within the reach of the driver.
    1. All ignition components must be unaltered, OEM and match the year, make and model of the car in competition. Only 12 volt ignition systems will be permitted
    2. Ignition boxes and/or performance chips and/or any ignition enhancing devices will not be permitted.
    3. Traction control of any-type will not be permitted
    4. Only one twelve (12) volt battery, securely mounted with both terminals covered will be permitted. If battery is moved from OEM location, the battery must be mounted in a Marine-type case.
    5. Only stock OEM starters in the OEM location will be permitted
    6. Only one aftermarket tachometer, oil pressure and water temperature gauge(s) will be permitted.
    7. The vehicle computer (ECU) must be mounted in a visible location providing ease of inspection.
    8. In-car cameras, recording devices and/or data transmitting devices of any-type will not be permitted.
    1. The exhaust manifold must remain unaltered and OEM for the year, make and model of the car in competition. Exhaust must exit under the car not outside the car.  Headers are allowed.
    2. Removal of the catalytic converter, air conditioning compressor and smog pump will be permitted.
    3. May require a muffler
  8. BATTERIES may be moved to any reasonable position in the car, but they must be securely fastened and covered in a sealed battery box.
    1. The transmission and/or transaxle must remain OEM and unaltered for the year, make and model of the car in competition.  The transmission may be welded.
    2. All forward and reverse gears must be operational.
    3. The flywheel, flexplate, clutch and/or torque converter and/or assembly must remain unaltered and OEM of the year, make and model of the car in competition.
    4. Mini-type clutches and/or couplers will not be permitted.
    5. Transmission coolers in the driver compartment will not be permitted
    6. Torque dividing final drive systems will not be permitted
    7. A minimum one (1) inch inspection hole must be located in the bell housing.
    1. All components and mounts must remain unaltered and OEM and must match the year, make and model of car in competition.
    2. Weight jacks, modifications, racing components, aftermarket or homemade traction devices will not be permitted.
    3. A maximum of 5 degrees of camber will be permitted on any wheel.
    4. All shocks and struts must remain unaltered and OEM in the OEM location
    5. Spring rubbers will be permitted.
    1. Unless otherwise noted all tubing utilized in the construction of the roll cage must be 1.50-inch Outside Diameter, .095-inch thick magnetic steel tubing
    2. A six-point, full perimeter, using 1.50-inch Outside Diameter, .095-inch thick magnetic steel tubing is required
    3. The rear hoop must have bracing that crosses in an ‘X’ configuration. Rear kick up supports are required.
    4. A minimum 1.25-inch outside diameter cross bar is required across the top of the halo bar.
    5. The roll cage must be securely fastened (welding is required) utilizing a minimum of .250-inch plating to mount cage to the frame. Only magnetic steel will be permitted. Iron, galvanized pipe, fittings, square tubing, brazing and/or soldering will not be permitted.
    6. A minimum of three (3) door bars on the driver side and two (2) door bars on the passenger side, mounted in a horizontal manner will be required. Vertical bracing from the top-to-the-bottom of the door bars on both sides is required
    7. A minimum of three (3) windshield bars and protective screen will be required in front of the driver.
    8. The driver compartment must be sealed completely from the track, the engine and the fuel cell. The front and rear firewalls must remain and any holes must be patched with magnetic steel.
    9. All material considered flammable including but not limited to the radio, airbags must be removed.
    10. The interior must remain open.
    1. Center mounted steering will not be permitted
    2. A quick release, aftermarket steering wheel will be permitted. The steering column must remain OEM and unaltered.
    3. Aftermarket remote reservoir power steering will not be permitted.
    1. The fuel system must be complete, unaltered and OEM for the year, make and model of the car in competition
    2. The gas tank/fuel cell may be mounted ahead of the rear axle with a minimum 1/8-inch shield mounted
    3. If the gas tank/fuel cell is mounted behind the rear axle the gas tank/fuel cell must be replaced with a maximum eight (8) gallon fuel cell relocated to the trunk area of the car. The cell must be mounted with two (2) solid magnetic steel straps around the entire cell two (2) inches wide and .125-inch thick. A magnetic steel or fuel cell cover must be between the driver and the fuel cell.
    4. A fuel cell vent, including cap vent, must have a check valve. If the fuel cell does not have an aircraft-type positive seal filler neck, then a flapper, spring and/or ball type filler roll-over valve is mandatory.
    5. External electric fuel pump wired to the ignition switch with aftermarket fuel cell will be permitted.
    6. Cool cans will not be permitted.
    7. Fuel lines that pass through the driver compartment must be magnetic steel.
    8. A fuel shut off valve is required.  The valve must be clearly labeled and within reach of the driver.
    1. Cooling system must remain in engine compartment.  Aluminum radiators permissible.  NO antifreeze.
    2. Reinforcement support is allowed for radiator, ie kicker bar allowed.  This is nothing more than to hold radiator in upright position.
    3. Discharge from overflow tube must be pointed to the ground.
    1. Only OEM DOT 13, 14, 15 or 16-inch passenger tires will be permitted. Racing, mud, and/or snow tires will not be permitted.
    2. Alterations of any type including re-caps, softening, chemical alteration, conditioning, siping and/or grooving will not be permitted.
    3. All wheels must be OEM steel or aluminum wheels with a maximum width of seven (7) inches and a standard bead.  Racing rims permissible.
    4. All four (4) tires and wheels must be of the same series, size and offset
    5. All tires must remain inside of the body.
    6. Wheel spacers and/or bleeder valves will not be permitted.
    7. Wheel reinforcement is strongly recommended
    8. One (1) inch Outside Diameter magnetic steel lug nuts on steel wheels are required.
  16. BRAKES
    1. All brake components must be unaltered, OEM, magnetic steel and operative on all four wheels.
    2. Disc and/or drum brakes will be permitted and they must match the year, make and model of the vehicle in competition
    3. Only OEM Master Cylinders in OEM location will be permitted.
    4. Brake shut off and/or valve bias adjuster(s) will not be permitted
    5. Only magnetic steel brake lines will be permitted
    1. Points will follow driver & car meaning if you are driving more than one car in the same season you will have points as a driver for each car that you run.  Before any payout will be paid the driver and/or car owner, whoever will be receiving the 1099 for the season, must complete a W9 and all payouts will be paid to that individual.
    2. Changes for 2016: All cars will qualify and lineups will be based on qualifying time.  Heats are slowest to fastest.  If only 1 heat is run then points will be awarded as the fast heat.  If 2 or more heats are run then the last heat will be considered the fast heat; all others will be awarded points according to the table under the Heats heading.  Feature Lineups will be the same as SLM & LM.  There will be no trophy dashes for this class.
    3. f a Modified Compact Driver is champion for two consecutive years, he must move up to Late Model Class or take a season off.
      Fast Heat 1st place = 3 points Heats 1st place = 2 points
        2nd place = 2 points   2nd place = 1 point
        3rd place = 1 point    


Feature 1st place = 6 points 4th place = 2 points
2nd place = 4 points 5th place = 1 points
3rd place = 3 points