Friday, June 19th
Compact Demolition Derby – Spectator, Powder Puff, Soccer Stocker, & Compact Racing – Figure 8 & 1 on 1’s › Read more
Friday, May 29th; 52nd Anniversary
52nd Anniversary! Full Size Demolition Derby-Spectator, Powder Puff, Soccer Stocker, & Compact Racing – 50 lap Compact Feature – Figure 8 & 1 on 1’s › Read more
Friday, May 22; Friday Season Opener
FRIDAY SEASON OPENER – Compact Car Demolition Derby–Spectator, Powder Puff, Soccer Stocker, & Compact – Figure 8 & 1 on 1’s › Read more
One Twin 25 Down, One Twin 25 to Go!
One Twin 25 down, One Twin 25 to Go!!! This past weekend at Sycamore Speedway was the Twin 25’s for the Super Late Model drivers. What an amazing night of racing and entertainment. Friday night, Speedway staff was forced to cancel the last Friday night due to rain and the extreme cold weather. Do not › Read more
Power Wheels Demo, Friday
2014 Sycamore Speedway Friday Race Results Date: 8/29/2014 Spectator Powder Puff # Name Town Time # Name Town Time Fast Time: N/A Fast Time: N/A Trophy Dash 1): 66j Joe Jackson St. Charles Trophy Dash 1): 73j Linda Sparks Belvidere 2): 29 Mike Brancecum St. Charles 2): 37t Tina Sparks Belvidere 3): 26x Dan Robbins › Read more
Sycamore Speedway Drivers Do It Again! (Aug 1st & Aug 2nd)
Sycamore Speedway Drivers Did it Again!! This past Friday, Sycamore Speedway’s Drivers put on a huge show for the fans. Dodging rain all day and evening, Sycamore Speedway staff did what ever necessary to get the show in. With the help from the drivers, the fans had a great show with plenty of action to › Read more