1. GENERAL RULES for Spectator, Soccer, Stocker, Powder Puff, Compact Combat and Demolitions
    1. Spectator, Powder Puff & Full Size Demolitions – Any 8 cylinder stock American made automobile or station wagon with a minimum 106-inch wheelbase is allowed.  NO TRUCKS, SUV’S, CONVERTIBLES, AND T-TOPS ALLOWED.  NO CAMAROS.  NO FIREBIRDS.
    2. Socker Stocker – Any 6 cylinder stock American or Foreign made automobile or station wagon with a minimum 106-inch wheelbase is allowed.
      1. What is NOT Allowed in Socker Stocker:
        1. NO Supercharged Turbos
        2. NO Manual Transmissions
        3. NO 4/All Wheel Drive
    1. Compact Combat
      1. Maximum wheelbase 106”
      2. Compact “race cars” 4 cylinder only
      3. Remove plastic grills
      4. No turbo engines
      5. No rear engine cars
    2. Age limit – valid driver’s license.
    3. No drinking on track or pit area or you will be removed from the grounds.
    4. We will qualify for starting positions, or other means, to facilitate positioning.
    5. The number of events, number of cars in each event, type of racing (normal or novelty) and finishing positions will be determined by the officials and their decision is FINAL.
    6. We will exercise our judgment for what is best under the existing circumstances to which track, half or quarter mile, the competing cars will race on.
    7. We want everybody to have a chance to race.  We will not allow any goodies or high performance parts or pieces, valve covers, springs, shocks, aftermarket parts.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  For further information, call us.
    8. All Cars will be vacuum tested.  Must pull a minimum of 17” of vacuum at idle MANDATORY.  At idle means the car will be in park when tested.
    9. Remember, the important thing is your car must be stock or it cannot run.  This is the FUN class and the payoff is trophies (for the CADET class).  If you as a driver are not satisfied with the money involved, you are asked to forget the Cadet competition and advance into another division.  DRIVER’S NOTE:  Remember, these cars are to be stock.  If you win and are not STOCK, you will forfeit win.
    10. First and second place cars must start at the rear of the pack the next racing event.
    11. All cars will be inspected before the race.  Winning cars will be inspected after the race.  NO coverage or responsibility for any damage to any car.  Cars must be numbered and inspected by the Tech Team.  Numbers may be obtained by calling (815) 895-5454 between 8 am to 3 pm Monday through Friday.  Racecars will be inspected by officials at times they so designate.
    12. All cars must run heat races and trophies dashes.
    1. Safety belts, Snell approved helmets, goggles and/or face shields, gloves, long sleeves, long pants and closed toed shoes are required.  Flame resistant fire suit highly recommended.
    2. STRICTLY ENFORCED.  DO NOT REMOVE FACTORY WINDSHIELD.  All other glass, including head and tail lights, must be removed before arriving at the speedway.  Cars must be swept clean.  No junk tires, wheels, metal parts, etc. allowed in car.
      1. Windshields are Mandatory for Spectator , Soccer Stocker, Powder Puff & Compact…..if their windshield breaks they can replace with a windscreen with the following conditions:
        1. A 4 point roll cage installed in the race car
        2. 3 bars welded across the front where the existing windshield was
        3. A windscreen (same size squares as SLM/LM) the same size as the old windshield installed.
        4. A full face helmet with a shield…no Motorcross helmet, no open face helmet
        5. Gloves must be worn at all times.  No EXCEPTIONS.
    3. Front doors must be painted white and left blank for numbering.  KEEP SAME NUMBER ALL YEAR.  Different car-same driver-SAME NUMBER.  Number painted on passenger door, should be PAINTED with CONTRASTING COLORS i.e. black door/white number.  Navy Blue and Black are NOT contrasting colors.  NUMBER WILL BE 18″ HIGH MINIMUM, STRICTLY ENFORCED.
    4. Any sharp protruding objects on cars must be smashed down or cut off.
    5. DRIVER’s DOOR must be welded shut all other doors must be fastened shut can be wired, strapped, welded or chained.
    6. Any driver’s door coming open during the race will be disqualified.
    7. Hood and deck lids must be operable until after inspection.  Hood and deck lid must open for inspection.  NO CHAINS OR WELDED.  Hood pins allowed and encouraged.
    8. Both front seats must be in place.  We strongly recommend you leave interior of your car complete.
    9. Insulation under hood must be removed.
    10. No special bumpers, reinforcements or fabrications other than stock replacements will be allowed.
    11. Batteries may be moved to any reasonable position in the car, but they must be securely fastened and covered.  Only one, any size battery allowed.  Fans may be removed.
    12. Cutting fenders for wheel clearance only is permissible.
    13. Suspension must work and must be stock.  Car must sit level.
    14. It is recommended that an opening be cut in hood over carburetor 8″ square or diameter.
    15. Rocker panel wrap may be used on driver side door not to exceed 6” above bottom of door and .060 thick.
    16. Roll Bars highly recommended.
    17. FUEL TANKS:  If you are not running stock fuel tank it must be in the trunk well secured.  I.e.  Using a tie down or ratchet strap is not considered well secured.  As well stock fuel tank must be removed.
    18. All openings from trunk of car to interior cab must be covered and sealed.
    1. Cooling system must remain in engine compartment.  Radiators and fans may be removed.   NO antifreeze.
    2. Reinforcement support is allowed for radiator, ie kicker bar allowed.  This is nothing more than to hold radiator in upright position.
    3. Discharge from overflow tube must be pointed to the ground.
    1. Must be stock as it comes from factory.
    2. NO locked rear ends or welded spider gears are permitted.  Limited slip differentials are allowed.
    3. Welded, solid or chained down engine motor mounts are permitted and recommended for safety.
    4. Stock O.E.M. cast iron exhaust manifolds only.  NO headers.
    1. Stock wheel nuts, 7/16 and 1/2 and 1
    2. No snow tires.
    3. No white spoke or racing wheels, 7-inch maximum width.
    4. No pipes welded over tire valve stems.
    5. No Good Year LT Wrangler tires – No LT or AT tires.
    6. Any winner using different size tires to aid in handling will be disqualified.
    7. S10/Ford Ranger truck rims allowed, no other truck rims allowed.
    1. NO HIGH performance products or aftermarket products.
    2. NO locked rear ends.
    3. NO spring jacks or blocked shocks or reverse shackles permitted. Suspension must be free of blocks.
    4. NO setting up of chassis.
    5. NO pinching of shocks to stop travel.
    6. NO obscene or dirty language or pictures to be painted on car.
    7. NO aftermarket electric fuel pumps.
    8. NO welding and no chaining of bumpers or mounts.
    9. NO racing gas or additives.
  9. Track Official has the right to refuse your car to race if s/he feels it is unsafe.
      1. You may leave your car at the speedway AT YOUR OWN RISK.  If you leave your car, be prepared to show proof of ownership prior to removing car.  For this information and to obtain your racing number, call 815-895-5454 between 8a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday.  If car does not run for one race night, car will be removed.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  We pay top prices for your junk car.  Check with Track Official, Sam.  NOT RESPONSIBLE for any car left at Speedway.
      2. If your car does not race for 3 weeks and you are using Sycamore Speedway for car storage there will be a $5/per car weekly storage fee.
      3. Weekly car pickup will be tentatively scheduled for all Tuesdays during regular race season.  Specific times will be posted later on website.
  11. PAYOFF   
    1. You will qualify for your races.  If you do not make qualifying you will be placed in the rear of the slower heat and feature.  No exceptions.  The driver racing the car must be the one who qualifies it.  Fast time = 1 point.
    2. Trophy Dash:  You must run the trophy dash to get your fast time point and to not forfeit your feature position.  If you do not run the dash you will start in the rear of your feature.  This will always be a 6 lap race.
    3. Heats:  Soccer Stocker, Powder Puff & Compact – you must run this race in order to keep your position for the feature.  All heats will be 6 laps.
    4. Payout is outlined in table below. PP = Powder Puff, SS = Soccer Stocker, & CC = Compact Combat.  T = Trophy.
    5. Changes for 2015:  Points will follow car.  Before any payout will be paid the driver and/or car owner, whoever will be receiving the 1099 for the season, must complete a W9 and all payouts will be paid to that individual.
    6. If a Spectator, Powder Puff or Soccer Stocker Driver is champion for two consecutive years, s/he must move up to Pure Stock Class or Late Model or take a season off.  If Compact Combat Driver is champion for two consecutive years, s/he must move up to Modified Compact or take a season off.




Trophy Dash (all classes) 1st place = 1 point & Trophy 2nd place = 1 point 3rd place = 1 point
Fast Heat (PP/SS/CC) 1st place = $25/4pts/T 2nd place = $20/3pts/T 3rd place = $15/2pts/T 4th place = $10/1 pt
Other Heats (PP/SS/CC) 1st place = 3 pts/T 2nd place = 2 pts/T 3rd place = 1 pt/T
Fast Feature (PP/SS/CC) 15 laps 1st place = $50/5 pts/T 2nd place = $25/4 pts/T 3rd place = $20/3 pts/T 4th place = $15/2 pts 5th place = $10/1 pt
Fast 25 Lap Spec Feature 1st place = $100/5 pts/T 2nd place = $50/4 pts/T 3rd place = $25/3 pts/T 4th place = $15/2 pts 5th place = $10/1 pt
Other Features (SS/CC) 10 laps 1st place = $25/3pts/T 2nd place = $15/2pts/T 3rd place = $10/1pt/T
Slow 15 lap Spec Feature 1st place = $50/3pts/T 2nd place = $25/2pts/T 3rd place = $15/1pt/T
Spec 8 lap Features 1st place = T 2nd place = T 3rd place = T
1 on 1 Drags 1st place = T
Figure 8 1st place = $50/T 2nd place = $25 or T 3rd place = $10 or T
Demolitons 1st place = $200/3pts/T 2nd place = $100/2 pts 3rd place = $50/1 pt $10 to all who entered but didn’t place


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