Joe & Nick Memorial 2014

2014 Sycamore Speedway Race Results
Date: 6/14/2014
Super Late Models Late Models
# Name Town Time # Name Town Time
Fast Time: 15 Jay Brendle Kirkland 15.187 Fast Time: 10 Jordan Jackowiak DeKalb 17.969
Trophy Dash: O1 Greg Cantrell DeKalb Trophy Dash: OO Danny Markham Marengo
Heat 1: O3 Dan White Villa Park Heat 1: 50d John Dietrich Carol Stream
Heat 2: 13 Jeff Kerley Elgin Heat 2: 10 Jordan Jackowiak DeKalb
Heat 3: N/A Heat 3: N/A
Semi Feat: N/A Semi Feat: N/A
Feature: Feature:
1st: 13 Jeff Kerley Elgin 1st: 10 Jordan Jackowiak DeKalb
2nd: 15 Jay Brendle Kirklan 2nd: OO Danny Markham Marengo
3rd: 133 Johnny Heath Kingston 3rd: O2 Matt McCain Aurora
4th: O2 Jim Klingel Aurora 4th: 59 Joe Sadoski Marengo
5th: O1 Greg Cantrell DeKalb 5th: 54 Cory McKay St. Charles
6th: 11 Roger Markham Virgil 6th: 38 Greg Hancock Gilberts
7th: O3 Dan White Villa Park 7th: 50d John Dietrich Carol Stream
8th: 26 Silvestre Gracia Sycamore 8th: 83 Michael Karels Pingree Grove
9th: 14 Victor Benedetto Marengo 9th: 37 DJ Sparks Belvidere
10th: 23x Danny Deutsch Marseilles 10th: 55 Frank Stubitsch Virgil
Powder Puff Spectator
# Name Town # Name Town
Heat 1: 7x Caitlyn Maloney Lake Zurich Heat 1: 29 Mike Brancecum St. Charles
Heat 2: N/A Heat 2: N/A
Feature: Heat 3: N/A
1st: 73j Linda Sparks Belvidere Feature 1:
2nd: 10 Mickee Runge Lake Zurich 1st: 29 Mike Brancecum St. Charles
3rd: 7x Caitlyn Maloney Lake Zurich 2nd: 33 Jeremy Colley Aurora
3rd: 57 Joel Hernandez St. Charles
Feature 2: N/A
Compact 3rd:
# Name Town
Heat 1: 56c Scott Vetter Union 4-Bar
Heat 2: O2 Jake Klingel Batavia # Name Town Time
Feature 1: Fast Time: M27 Mike Provenzano 14.358
1st: O2 Jake Klingel Batavia Heat 1: M27 Mike Provenzano
2nd: 56c Scott Vetter Union Heat 2: 54 Lil John Provenzano Streator
3rd: 7x Caitlyn Maloney Lake Zurich Feature 1:
Feature 2: N/A 1st: M27 Mike Provenzano
1st: 2nd: 15b Jay Brendle Kirkland
2nd: 3rd: 54 Lil John Provenzano Streator
IRS Midgets
# Name Town
Heat 1: 21
Heat 2: 76
Feature 1:
1st: 54
2nd: 76
3rd: 10b


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