First Friday: 5-23-2014

2014 Sycamore Speedway Race Results
Date: 5/23/2014
Spectator Powder Puff
# Name Town Time # Name Town Time
Fast Time: 29 Michael Brancecum Sr. Belvidere 16.97 Fast Time: 42 Amy Memoli Carol Stream 18.02
Trophy Dash: 96c Brad Swanson So. Elgin Trophy Dash: 34c Star Roach Kingston
1st 25 lap : Heat 1: 7x Caitlyn Malony Lake Zurich
1st: 85t Tim Scarleski W. Chicago Heat 2: 10 Mickee Runge Lake Zurich
2nd: O5 AJ Schmid St. Charles Feature:
3rd: 54 Austin Stombres St. Charles 1st: 10 Mickee Runge Lake Zurich
2nd 25 lap 2nd: 73j LInda Sparks Belvidere
1st: 29 Michael Brancecum Sr. Belvidere 3rd: 42 Amy Memoli Carol Stream
2nd: 42x Mike Gerdes Sandwhich
3rd: 69 Chris Newman St. Charles
Feat A Winner: 71c Michael Lindsay Aurora
Feat B Winner: 96b Brendon O’Regan Buffalo Grove
Feat C Winner: N/A
Rollover: 66j Joe Jackson St. Charles
1 on 1 Drags: Compact
# Name Town Time
Figure 8: Full Size Fast Time: 56c Scott Vetter Union 17.3
1st: 27t David Snead Glen Ellyn Trophy Dash: 95 Tony Doherty Aurora
2nd: 85 Heat 1: 4 Josh Sipes DeKalb
3rd: 56c Scott Vetter Union Heat 2: 95 Tony Doherty Aurora
Feature 1:
Demo Full SIze 1st: 4 Josh Sipes DeKalb
1st: O3 Dale Markham Maple Park 2nd: 11 Nick Roach DeKalb
2nd: 2 Anthony Hansford Maple Park 3rd: 81c Brian Modaff Elgin
3rd: 78t Joe Jackson St. Charles Feature 2:
1st: 32c Johnny Lovett DeKalb
Modified Compact 2nd: 95 Tony Doherty Aurora
# Name Town Time 3rd: 56c Scott Vetter Union
Fast Time: O Rick Zifko 17.46
Trophy Dash: N/A
Heat 1: O Rick Zifko
Heat 2: N/A
Feature 1:
1st: K1 Allen Provenzano
2nd: O Rick Zifko
3rd: 48K


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